The Taste of real Artisanal coffee at Craft Coffee Revoution

Metro Manila is teeming with love for coffee - what with the advent of foreign coffee shops mushrooming at every nook. 

We have developed our own coffee culture, that drinking coffee at any time of the day is just a norm to the average Filipino.

Thankfully, our patronage for all things caffeinated has allowed local coffee business start-ups to likewise showcase their coffee-making talent

One of the coffee shops that gained a lot of like ratings on social media this year include Craft Coffee Revolution... And my brother and I knew we simply had to try it!!!

Location: 66 B Broadway Ave., Brgy. Mariana, QC

Budget: Php 180 - 320

Ambiance: Indoors, Air-Conditioned, Great for studying/reading

Business Hours: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm

Parking: Limited parking slots in front of the shop

The Earthy Ambiance

The interiors of the coffee shop reminds me of a laid-back holiday cabin. They used a lot of wood in their designs and neutral hues. The place is air-conditioned and most of their visitors were students who were working on their laptops or reading books while sipping coffee and munching on some pastries.  

I find the place quite relaxing and just good for chillin' out for a quick chat. My brother and I sat at their bar area so we could watch the coffee makers craft and pour our coffee.

They also have a second floor which was under renovation when we visited. It's a good thing they opted to construct that so more people can come in. The first floor I think only held less than 7 tables.

The cozy interiors of Craft Coffee Revolution.

Earthy, simple yet elegant design.

Stairway to the second floor.

The Menu

To my surprise, their menu is also made of wood which I find absolutely adorable!

Drinks and Food menu,

Wooden menu. Drinks price list.

Food price list.

What We Ordered

My brother and I came here after dinner and we just craved some coffee. He tried the Cafe Mocha while I had Flat White just to remind me of Australia. As my husband told me, Flat White is a type of coffee concoction which was created in Australia in the 70's. It is popular for its seriously velvety texture - it's a less frothy version of your cappuccino.   

True to form, the Flat White created by Craft Coffee Revolution was just absolutely smooth and everything about its taste was just spot-on right!

My brother loved his coffee as well, although he found it strong, he said it was still superb! 

Deo's order: Cafe Mocha

My order: Flat White.

Take away munchies.

 The Verdict

We recommend that they really do open their second level so more clients can come in. Also, I hope there is more parking space outside. To add, I hope they expand their menu of pastries to enjoy their coffee better with.

All in all, it truly was able to live up to the hype of its coffee creations! I can't resist giving Craft Coffee Revolution 4 cups of Flat White over 5 for its amazing coffee and relative affordability!




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