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Vegan-friendly and Organic Skincare for Every Aussie from The Products!!!

You may have noticed that I'm always on the hunt for the latest nasties-free product - whether it's food, personal care, or home care products - I'm all about it!!! I found myself becoming more sensitive to the products I use and things I eat after I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. 

When my doctor told me, "You're too young to have such severe endometriosis," I became more determined to change my lifestyle and prevent my condition from worsening any further. I must admit that I still do eat milk chocolates and sour cream crisps occasionally but I find that making myself more aware of my disease prevents me from munching on my fave junk food daily. Like they say, moderation is key. So if I can't completely change my diet just yet, then maybe I'll change my skincare products!

My latest nasties-free favorite products came from a local Perth business called The Products. This brand was the brainchild of makeup artist, Rebekah Clark, who established…

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