5 Perthie brands you'd Love to include in your Stocking stuffers list!!!

My son is finally taking his afternoon nap. Yas!

After a full hour of trying to get him to sleep, he finally surrendered. I now have an hour to myself to spread my wings and write to my heart's content!


Christmas is fast approaching and I could feel it in the air this November. First, we had a freak hailstorm a few days ago, which reminded me of cold Christmases we used to celebrate in the upper regions of the Philippines. Second, the City of Perth held a fantastic Christmas lights trail over the weekend in preparation for Christmas! They said it was the first time they did a Christmas lights trail and our family couldn't be happier with their efforts.

With regards to our Christmas preps, we've recently set up the tree and put up the stockings. My husband also made a DIY wreath, which I am absolutely thankful for. And just like any panic buying parent, we've started buying and wrapping Christmas presents too. 

Non-local brands that we're supporting this year include Keep Cup and other Kmart stuffers for my husband, some Lego and Ikea train set for my toddler, and a Blessed Is She journal for me.

The Eco Pop-Up store in Enex Perth houses some of the best in organic local businesses in Western Australia.

When it comes to local brands by Perthies, stocking stuffers that we got from local brands include the Second Nature Botanicals Cleaning spray, The Products face polish, and The Tea Crowd for me, while my husband got the Isle of Erin from Sparrow soap and Immune booster Equivalence essential oils - all of which are fantastic products which we'd repurchase.

A selection of goodies being sold at the Eco Pop-Up store.

If you'd like to know more, here's more info about these local brands:

I have been using this brand for a year now and I must say I have no regrets with it! I have tried their Rosewood and Geranium laundry powder, Cleaning and Disinfecting sprays, and their Glass cleaner and I don't think I will be able to take them out of my cleaning products shopping list.

The Second Nature Botanicals Disinfecting sprays in their amber reusable glass bottle containers.

What I love about their products are they're all from natural or organic sources and they don't use harmful chemicals in their products. This is of vital importance to me, being a mum of a toddler who eats crumbs off the floor and licks tables for fun. I find that I'm more at peace using products which I know would not hurt my son when ingested.

Beautiful packaging of the Lemongrass soap from Sparrow Soap.

I've recently learned about this brand and I am hooked especially with their soap - Isle of Erin! I have no idea why but this soap just magnetised me. It's the perfect summer soap and blends well with our beach lifestyle in the southwest. I find it absolutely refreshing in these warmer months as well.

I have also been using this brand for almost a year now. I personally love their green cream and gifted my mom with it which she absolutely loved! I also repurchased their face polish recently because I find it really does clean the pores and removes make-up and all the gunk on my face, making it super smooth.

The best in Natural skincare only from The Products.

They recently launched a new product called the After-sun cream which is a soothing lotion for days of fun under the Summer sun. Since their products are also organic, it's safe to use for your little ones, especially kids with sensitive skin.

Quality Aromatherapy candles and 100% essential oils from Equivalence. 

Ever since I saw their Immune Booster blend online, I've always wanted to try it out! Recently, I visited the Eco Pop-Up at Enex, Perth and got my husband one and we are elated with it! We literally use it everyday as per my husband's request. We've just replaced our Vicks bottle with it and I must say, we have no regrets. And once again, this product is 100% natural, making it a safer alternative for the whole family.

How pretty is this Sweet Slumber mix? This is a sure way to slumber like a princess... or a unicorn. Whichever you prefer. 

This is for your Tea lover friends! I have received their Sweet Slumber tea mix and I find really good and calming. I don't feel sleepy after drinking it though but I sure feel relaxed. 


Please check out their individual links for their market dates as the Eco Pop-Up store at Enex has temporarily closed but will pop up again next year.

We're still on the lookout for more awesome and unique Christmas gifts and we're thinking of repping for Fight the New Drug for next year as well and buying their tees as Christmas presents.

How are your Christmas preps going? What have you bought this Christmas? Comment below for some mummy inspo! xx

If you have decided to go minimalist this Christmas, tag me too for your suggested DIY presents for family members! xx


Disclaimer: Perth brands featured in this post have gifted me with some products to try, which may or may not be in this post. However, all opinions are 100% mine. xx


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