The Latest from Me! (No photos, Just Words.) xx

Hi Mummas! 

I have been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while and the reason for my absence has finally arrived - my nursing registration! It has been a long journey for me going through full-time school while juggling my wife and mum responsibilities. I am happy that the anticipation and anxiety of waiting has finally ended.

I never knew that I would learn a lot from that quick journey. I never even thought I would write a blog post about it. But I realised the necessity of putting my journey into words since it is a real chronicle of a my journey coping with the significant changes in my life.

Finishing my nursing course and gaining registration made me look back on our first year here and how far we've come since then.

If you remember, we came to Australia only 2 years ago. We are a skilled immigrant family of healthcare professionals. And although we are internationally registered, we need to go back to school here in Australia to bridge the gaps in practice we had from our previous practice.

Being an immigrant family in itself is a difficult experience. We arrived here without family, friends, and basically no social support. My husband already finished his studies and supported us financially. He also saved a significant amount of his salary to send me to bridging school. 

We sacrificed a lot and I'm grateful that after 2 whole years, our sacrifices are coming into fruition and we are reaping what we have carefully sowed and toiled for.

We are now beginning our 3rd year in Australia and we have built a social circle and true friendships from individuals in our parish groups, Christian communities, and playgroups we've been a part of. These people were the ones who helped us in our most trying times and became our new family in Australia.

We met so many people from different nations and I am amazed at how multicultural Australia is. This place is a true melting pot of various cultures and I am nothing short of amazed with the experiences and friendships we've gained from this beautiful country.

We've had our fair share of hardships and racist experiences too if you would ask but we never let those things get us down. If anything, we focused on the good and not on bad experiences. We used these hardships to make us stronger. 

As a more active part of this community, I have nothing but gratefulness for what Australia has given me - and more importantly for all the talents it developed in me. If you would believe, I didn't know how to drive before I got here! I'm still doing my lessons now and I'm pretty sure I'll pass the test pretty soon.

Now, I am nothing short of excited to what more I can offer this beautiful country as a partner to my husband, mum to Yo, a community member and volunteer, and now, a healthcare professional. I am also looking forward to connect and help as many more people as I can.

Thanks for reading through my short personal entry. It may not be the usual blogger posts I make but this is straight out of my heart. 

May you always find beauty and gratefulness in your journey. Knowing that your presence makes a difference in someone else's life and you have the power to bless other people.

Love always,


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