7 Things to Make Your Home More Hygge for the coming Winter!!!

I saw a book called "The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well" by Meik Wiking at the library and I have always been interested in books that inspire people to live happily with less. I was unsure if this book would actually talk about living happy with less but that's what it looked like to me. I was absolutely lured to read it and decided to give it a go.

By Meik Wiking. Check it out at your local library!

What I learned about Hygge was that it is pronounced "Hooga" and it is a word that is difficult to translate in English. The phrase which appeals most to me describing Hygge, albeit not completely accurate as said in the book, is "cosy togetherness."

The Joy of Hygge Living

What makes the Hygge type of living appealing to many people around the world you ask? It is because Danes have ranked highest among the happiest people in the world! Now, if that isn't enough reason to cause a spiked interest about Danish living, I don't know what else will.

After reading the book, I found simple things that I could tweak in my current lifestyle to create this cosy, simple, and warm atmosphere of Hygge.

The first thing is to LIGHT CANDLES. I do this almost everyday and I think it is the closest I could come to being a Dane. Lol! Though Danes would often use unscented candles to create warmth, I would prefer the scented candles I already have at home. The latest I have in my candle collection are candles from Ariel's World.

My Ariel's Mojito Candle.

I have both their signature black candle as well as their Ariel's Mojito candle (silver). The original scent has a base note of Patchouli, heart note of Jasmine with fruity top notes of Nectarine, black currant, black raspberry, and black cherries. On the other hand, the Mojito has notes of herbaceous mint and juicy lime, with middle notes of herbal garden leaves and a deep floral base.

I am a sucker for essential oils and natural scents so these are my first must-haves to creating my personal Hygge atmosphere. Meik said that scents can be Hygge if they remind you of the warmth and cosiness of home. 

Candles from Ariel's World.

The next on my Hygge list are NOSTALGIC MEMENTOS such as a family album or collection of photos and memorabilia of our travels. Hanging nostalgic photos or placing a photo album on your coffee table can amp the feeling of warmth and love and is a good reminder about the positive relationships we have at home. 

My latest photo project was a DIY frame which had polaroid-looking shots of our trips in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth. I personalised and created these photos via Printiki, which is a photo-printing website that is super easy to navigate, edit, and order photos from.

My photo prints from Printiki.

My latest DIY project using Printiki photo prints and this DIY picture board from Big W.

Creating Hygge is related to CREATING WARMTH and the most obvious way to create this would be to have a warm cocoa in hand; plus some blankets ready around the house - in bed rooms, living rooms, everywhere! I personally love waffle blankets which envelop me and follow the contour of my body for the perfect cosy feel.

Warm Beetroot latte. Could've been more Hygge if placed it in a mug.

BOARD GAMES and CARDS have been the most nostalgic family activity I know before Netflix and it is super Hygge to have these lying around. Anything that reminds you of a fun childhood spent indoors, whether it's  Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess, are the best things to keep available around the house for the perfect Hygge activity with your family and closest friends.  

We love playing cards when I was younger. I got this one from Ikea.

If you're not into playing games or you're home alone, its trusty to have a GOOD BOOK that you love to create an atmosphere of hominess. To make it even more Hygge, why not get a book that you've loved since you were little! I personally love my Shakespeare collection book and I believe that would be most Hygge for me; but for now, I will settle for this lovely book by Meik Wiking.

Grab a hot cocoa, blanket, and a good book - SUPER HYGGE!
Another great activity is to write in a GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Nothing makes one happier than recalling all the blessings one has in life. I bet this is among the best Hygge activities to do when you're alone - reminisce on the best days of your life and write them down. 

Finish off the Hygge atmosphere with a pot of SUCCULENTS for a fresh, clean, and cheerful ending. Plants have a way to brighten and enliven a home. I got these tiny babies from Our Little Succulents and I'm super happy to have a tiny new baby in my collection.

Have you read the Hygge Manifesto too? What else can you suggest to create the perfect Hygge atmosphere at home?


Note: The Ariel candles and Printiki photos are gifted but the post is 100% my own and unaltered by these brands.


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