Things I learned from Mum Bosses: An Interview of Small Business Owners in Perth

Earlier this year, I had an idea (after attending a Mindful biz workshop) of interviewing women behind some brands I am loving at the moment. Honestly, I am quite curious about how these fabulous women juggle their business, self-care, and family life and basically, make it work. I will be going back to the workforce in a few months and I really need the inspiration.

Attended the Mindful biz workshop earlier this year.

I have finished with the interview and have now collated their answers and I was surprised by how much I can relate with them. All the more, I find these women absolutely inspiring! Their answers pulled some heartstrings and I even found myself crying after reading some of their answers. I hope their words inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

Enjoy reading the heartwarming answers of the women behind the businesses - Elena (Splendour box), Michelle (Handmadeology), and Sarah (The Family Hub Aus).


Sarah (founder of The Family Hub Aus) and I in the Mindful biz workshop in Perth city.

What motivated you to start your business?

Michelle: My motivation came from my need to find a simple and natural alternative to my skincare routine. I wanted products that ultimately had an ingredients list I could read, were plant based, contained the healing powers of essential oils, didn't cost the earth, and affordable. Because lets face it, we all deserve a little pampering in life!

ElenaAt 2 weeks old, my beautiful baby boy was diagnosed with a severe case of eczema that left him covered in a rash from head to toe. Wanting to explore alternative therapies, I went to see my chiropractor and after a full assessment, his evaluation was that my little one is dairy intolerant.  I was breastfeeding at the time and had to stop consuming dairy as he was getting it through my breast milk.  The dairy was causing an allergic reaction in his body, which caused a runny nose, eczema breakout, and colic. I started looking into dairy and sugar and was amazed by how harmful these actually were to the body. 

The more I researched, the more I discovered that there are incredible alternative products right on my doorstep.Local, passionate entrepreneurs are constantly developing new products made with all natural wholefoods and superfoods; as well as toxin-free body and skin products and even chemical-free domestic cleaning products.

Check out the carefully selected mix of natural food, home care, and skin care products from Splendour box!

I also realised it’s not easy changing your whole life to chemical free in one go and this is why I founded a business like Splendour Box, which gives you the opportunity to try products in the comfort of your own home and see if it would fit in with your lifestyle.  You will discover products you might never have found out about any other way. Also, your investment is small so your risk is small – it’s a win, win combination. 

SarahMy son! When I fell pregnant with my boy my perspective shifted more dramatically than I could ever have imagined. I had always been inclined towards a healthy life and was raised that way; but being pregnant changed everything and I became so much more aware of the toxins that were all around me. 

Why did you choose to advocate for the use of natural or organic products?
Michelle: Almost 13000 chemicals are used in the cosmetic industry today. Only 10% of these have been evaluated by the FDA for their safety. On a daily basis, a women exposes herself to an average of 168 chemicals in her skincare/ makeup routine. Our skin is the human body's largest organ, and every product you put on your skin is absorbed and enters the nervous system. Do you really know what you are putting on your skin and its long term effect on your body?

Products from Handmadeology skincare: Bath salts, bath soaks, facial care, and linen spray made from a combination of essential oils. 

I am exposed to chemicals in our environment on a daily basis and many are unfortunately beyond my control. But I can control those that myself and my family are exposed to in our immediate environment - our home - through the use of homemade and natural cleaning products, organic plant based skincare, and the food we eat; sourcing sustainable, local, and eco-friendly products. 

Check out the Handmadeology website here!

ElenaThe more I got to know the passionate owners behind the brands and their reasons for starting their businesses, the more I realised that it all came down to the same thing.  All these people either had an allergic reaction to something or had a child that had a reaction to something and it inspired them to develop products that are natural or organic and chemical free.  Now they have the peace of mind to use and consume these products risk free and knowing that it’s good for them, because it’s the way nature had intended.

As a Woman

Michelle, the woman behind Handmadeology Natural Skincare.

What quote inspires you the most?
Both Michelle and Sarah chose this inspiring quote.

SarahThat's really what life is all about isn't it? Every change, risk or chance can be frightening and daunting but if we never try then are we really living at all?

MichelleTo me it means to live a life of no regrets. I am the first to admit I let my self-doubt and fear of failure stand in my way at times. But sometimes, you just have to jump and  surrender to the universe. We are only given one life and as I get older, I'm finding it is passing by far too quickly for my liking! 

Elena's favorite quote.

ElenaThis quote became relevant to my life when my first baby, now 4, was born.  We were just in awe of him and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have him.  I think every parent would agree that from that first moment onwards you start noticing the little miracles and blessings in your life and I try to be a bit more mindful and grateful for it every day.

How do you reset after a long and tiring day?

Michelle: My life is busy. I work full-time, own a business, am a wife, mother to 3, the list goes on. It's so important to take time out and recharge my batteries each day. My 5 go-to are a good herbal tea, meditation (even 10 minutes is beneficial), reading, gratitude journal (I always try to find the smallest positive in every situation and give thanks to what it has taught me.), and wine and reality TV.

Elena: Family time, a hearty meal with lots of veggies, a glass of red wine, a block of homemade chocolate (a little obsession), and planning creative ideas via Pinterest.

Sarah: My husband and I have a bit of a 'download' at the end of each work day. Talk about what has happened and vent, problem solve or celebrate accordingly. Its only a few minutes each day but it helps us to process our days, deal with anything we couldn't process on our own and then let go of the work day to focus on being home.

Where is your happy place?

Michelle: My happy place to reflect and unwind is the beach. I'm very fortunate to live in the south west of WA and I am spoilt for choice! As my children get older and more independent, the time we spend together creating memories at home or on holidays is something I hold very dear. 

ElenaMy happy place is obviously spending time with my family, but I also love my job and don’t really see it as working.  I love being creative and Splendour Box gives me the opportunity to use my creativity. Our happy place as a family is definitely the outdoors - in a park or at the beach, playing games and having fun.  

Sarah: My happy place as a mum is in the rocking chair in my sons room. I have fed him, rocked him, cuddled him, read to him and had him fall asleep on me a thousand times in that chair. I don't know if i will ever be able to get rid of it. I still sit there every night to read to him before bed. As a family we are most happy anywhere outside. We love to camp, swim, 4WD, bush walk and go on adventures. It brings us together and gives us time away from the distractions of social media, phones, work and business.  

The natural and organic products (soaps, laundry products, self-care products, and beeswax wraps) from The Family Hub Australia.
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Who is the most inspiring woman in your life?

Michelle: My mum is the most inspiring woman in my life. She is the most giving person I know, never complains, and only ever sees the good in everyone she meets. My mum has sacrificed so much, at times at a huge personal cost, always putting her children before herself.

ElenaMy mum.  She always put my sister and my needs before her own; always encouraging us to follow our dreams and passions.  She’s our number one fan!  My mum introduced me to a more holistic way of life, always leaving little motivational quotes and interesting articles on my bed to read.  She’s an amazing bread baker too and I still remember as a child the fresh sourdough bread straight from the oven with home-made butter and fig jam.  Yum! 

As a Mother 

Elena, the founder of Splendour box, and her lovely children.

What is your most recommended mum hack?

SarahI always try to kneel down to talk to my son at his eye level. This has totally changed the way we communicate since I started doing it and I recommend it to everyone I know. 

ElenaMy eldest son is a great eater, he would eat anything you put in front of him, however, the 1 year old is terrible.  I cannot get a vegetable past his lips, but a while back I discovered this awesome raw vegan dessert where the base is made from nuts, a whole raw beetroot, coconut oil and a few dates blended together.  The topping includes nuts with some rice malt syrup (which is a non-refined sugar), organic cacao (a powerful superfood), vanilla and grated zucchini and carrot all blended together.  He still only gets it as a treat because I’ll always give food first, but now everyone tucks into a little guilt-free dessert and it’s full of veggies!

What is the greatest thing you learned about motherhood?
Michelle: Motherhood has taught me a LOT about myself in the past 18 years. One of those would be not to take life and myself so seriously, and to have fun with my kids.

Elena: My greatest frustration has been going from a child that ate everything to one that only wants oats and bread.  For a long time, I felt like I am failing him, but I’m slowly learning to relax and not be too hard on myself, because he is healthy and growing and at some point, we’ll get it right.


I hope you had a lovely time reading the answers of these fantastic mummas and I hope they inspired you too! Their stories are also your stories and I know you too have done lots of awesome things to juggle things your life. Let's celebrate the fantastic women that we all are and be open to connect and spread the love of motherhood and being a woman!

Now, it's your turn to share. What resets you after a long and tiring day? 




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