Get ready for a Roaring time at the Jurassic Creatures Exhibit!!!

Last Friday, our little fambam was invited to the launch of Jurassic Creatures in Crown Pyramid. Upon receiving the invite, I was super thrilled as I know how much my son LOVES dinosaurs! I have yet to meet a toddler who dislikes dinosaurs actually and I think I have George and Peppa Pig to blame for that. George Pig loves dinosaurs and carries a T-Rex plushie with him all the time - that's where my son got his early T-Rex appreciation and learned to "growl talk" at 1 year old.

I will not bore you with all my son's "dinosaur talents" but will jump to our experience at the exhibit.

When we arrived, there were already lots of families in line and the ones with VIP tickets get to come in the foyer earlier to take pictures with a triceratops exhibit. Mere mortals such as our family get to -stay outside and admire a T-Rex and a Dilophosaurus exhibit. The Dilophosaurus is the creepy dinosaur with flaps on its head and makes a loud screeching sound in Jurassic Park. You will hear this when you go to the exhibit - this scared my little man at first but he eventually got over it, I think.

T-Rex animatronics abound in the Jurassic Creatures exhibit.

The infamous Dilophosaurus.

Aside from watching outside exhibits, we also dropped by the food court in front of the Crown Pyramid. It has a Maccas and Subway, and also a toilet - which makes parents with babies and toddlers absolute winners.

We were ushered in at the exact time on the ticket and once we got in, it was a free for-all walk-through not only of dinosaurs, but of humongous prehistoric creatures of the Ice age! It was an absolutely breathtaking experience and I love how the models were very lifelike. Beside each creature is also their description, which is fantastic especially for preschool and school-age kids.

My reaction upon entering the exhibit - "Look at that T-Rex!!!"

Dada and Yo's pic with the biggest T-Rex in the house.

Polar bears exhibit with flurry machine.

These are my faves.
The Sabretooth tigers are animatronics too (most creatures were)
and their eyes glow.

The Woolly Mammoth section with a flurry machine too.

Enjoying the flurry! Yo was unhappy I put his hood on though.

Aside from the exhibits, there are also hands-on activities like sand art, fossil digging, and puzzle making, among others. The activity most appropriate for our toddler was the fossil digging because it only included pounding on a dinosaur egg to reveal either a dino fossil or a dino baby. In our case, we got the dino baby.

Enter the activity areas. This is such a cool entrance!

Our dinosaur egg. Check out the Velociraptor silhouette.

Our little fossil digger.

The dinosaur egg was pretty hard and it took the whole family to break it.

Woot! We got our dino baby.

There were also numerous free rides in the exhibit like a Merry-go-round, two bouncy castles for little kids and big kids, a dinosaur train, bumper cars, and an outdoor roller-coaster for older kids. Among these, we rode the carousel and dinosaur train then Yo had a go on his own in the bouncy castle. I would like to send a shout out to the lady manning the bouncy castle on opening night, she was absolutely lovely and ensured that small kids had their own play time apart from bigger kids. You rock!

Free and unlimited carousel/Merry-go-round rides.

Attempting a selfie in the carousel.

Free dinosaur train rides too!

The bouncy play area for little ones.

Bouncy castle for bigger kids.

Bumper cars for older visitors. My kind of fun!

There was also a Flintstones show which featured the four main Flintstone characters dancing and singing to lively music, which was suited for toddlers and preschoolers. At the end of the show, a walking T-rex also came in to wow the kids, which I thought was pretty cool!

Kids dancing with the Flintstones.

After a busy tour around the exhibit and having fun with all the rides, we had a little snack from the food kiosks lined in the far left section of the area. There were also toilets available in the venue.

There is a cafe and a burgers/fish and chips joint beside it.
There is also Maccas and Subway outside the venue.

There were also lots of goodies to be bought for the kids and a show bag for $20. The biggest hit were the rainbow swords!

For parking, we had a free parking at Section P8, which is the one nearest to the venue (back of Crown Pyramid entrance) and open 24/7. It also has a park and playground nearby if you're interested to drop by. For more parking info, please check Crown Perth's parking details here.  

P8 parking at the back of Crown Pyramid.

For more information about this fantastic event, check out their website here.

And now, we're on to the giveaway!

What you will be winning is a Family Pass composed of 4 tickets (2 adults, 2 kids). Tickets are for Friday, 21 April 2017 at 10 am. The Family Pass is valued at $117! Scroll down and join my giveaway now!

Good luck and have fun!!! And RUN!!!

Good luck and I hope your family will have an awesome time if you win! xx

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