Scitech transforms into the ultimate toddler playground with Toddlerfest this week!

Scitech’s Toddlerfest will be an exciting and stimulating discovery destination for 1 to 5 year old children and their families from 22 to 30 July 2017.

If you have noticed my Instagram live feed, we visited its opening weekend and it was the bomb! As it was our first time to visit Scitech, I made sure that we dropped by at the most appropriate time for my cheeky little man - and no better time than on Toddlerfest!

So many things to discover at Toddlerfest. Here is my son mesmerised by this shark!

Toddlers, pre-schoolers, and their parents can delve into the fascinating world of science and explore the engaging playground and activities designed for developing young minds.

Discover space in a special Planetarium show, meet cuddly farm animals, watch the Bubble Trouble showtake part in our ‘Magnificent Me’ program, and explore Discoverland.

Fun Bubble Trouble show for the little ones!

My 2-year old toddler was most participative in the Planetarium and in petting cuddly farm animals. I love looking at how awed he was when giant planets and satellites floated overhead in the Planetarium. He also loved petting and running after sheep, chickens, and tiny piglets in the animal pen. The interaction my son had in this festival with animals and all things science was fantastic and it kept him interested the whole afternoon.

Petting sheep at the animal farm.

“Toddlerfest is an immersive festival for children to experience creative sensory play which is important in early childhood development,” Scitech CEO Alan Brien said.

“Sensory exploration is a child’s way of investigating and discovering to make sense of the world and Toddlerfest offers a rick environment to engage all their senses.”

Toddlerfest offers a lot of opportunity for sensory exploration.

The hands-on activities, interactive shows, and creative workshops at Toddlerfest will provide opportunities for children to imagine, discover and explore together.

Role playing as a doctor/scientist.

Leading child development and learning organisations including Better Beginnings, Meerilinga, SDERA and St John of God will also be present throughout Toddlerfest. Scitech’s skilled presenters will be working closely with parents to assist their children in getting the most out of this event.

Toddlerfest offers free admission for children under four, free parking for the first 2 hours, parents room, WiFi, coffee cart, a food court, and bringing your own food is allowed.

Visit for more Toddlerfest information and buy tickets online or at the Scitech box office. 

Note: Our tickets for this event are sponsored.


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