Bring Your Art to Life with Crayola Color Alive!!!

The popularity of tablets among the kiddos is just insane! As a kid, I did not have gadgets to play with but I had coloring books! It's amazing that Crayola has come up with a brilliant idea to mix art and technology together and create the Crayola Color Alive coloring books which allows your child to transform his/her colored-in artworks into interactive play. Crayola Color Alive brings children's coloring to life in 4D!

When I was a kid, after I finish coloring, I would cut my art works and paste them on my wall. But now, the kiddos can take selfies with their creations and even tickle them or play fight with them. The images can be visualized 360 degrees and can be modified in size. The images can even be saved in the Crayola Color Alive app to be brought anywhere and shared with friends.

How to Use

To be able to save these 4D artworks, the first step is to start coloring! Don't scrimp on the color and feel free to use the special effects crayon. Honestly, if you're too tired to color anything, the images will still come alive although in Silver color only.

Our coloured-in Princess Elsa.

The next step is to download the Crayola Color Alive app on your tablet or mobile.

Search for Crayola Color Alive in your App store.

Welcome to Crayola Color Alive!

The third step is to press play, choose the coloring book, and scan your artwork

Press Play!

Choose your coloring book.

Scan your artwork.

The fourth step is to click the special effects button on the right or the 4D button on the left to play the effects. You may also change the camera orientation to have selfies with your artworks.

Yo having a selfie with Sven. (Is he Sven? I'm not really sure.)
Yo and I watching Elsa make snow.

The fifth and final step is to save your artwork and selfies! 

Elsa on the palm of my hand.

The products are sold at A$7.99 each and come with 6 Crayola Crayons, 1 Special effects crayon, 16 Action coloring pages, and a FREE app download (Crayola Color Alive).

The Enchanted Forest coloring book.

A peak inside the coloring books.

When coloring in, you may mix your new crayons with your other Crayola crayons to customise character colors. Also, the special effects crayon in each coloring book will add mesmerizing animated effects to the artworks when used. These effects include comic symbols for Marvel Avengers, fire for Mythical Creatures, ice sparkles for Disney Frozen, and pixie dust for Enchanted Fairies. 

Now if you need a recap of how to use the app on this magnificent coloring book, there are instructions inside the booklet too:

Here is a video by a dad and his daughter who tried the Crayola Color Alive for themselves. It is such an awesome video I found on YouTube so check it out!

For the product description, videos, tips, tricks, and even to buy one for your kid, feel free to visit the Crayola Color Alive web page.



Note: Although the products featured in this post are gifted, the comments and reviews are my own. xx 
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