30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers: A Book Review of a Self-Care Workbook for Mums

A few days ago, I was gifted by Angela of Finlee and Me a copy of her e-book entitled "30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers to Take Care of Themselves: A Simple Self-Care Plan for Busy Mamas" and her workbook entitled "The Finlee and Me Self-Care Workbook for Mothers: Your Guide and Planner for Learning to Take Care of Yourself with Ease."

I have been feeling a little bit stressed out with my motherhood duties for the past week and I knew I had to get  copy of this to sort myself out. 

Thankfully, the book did not disappoint and I find myself interested to do her 30 Days, 30 Ways suggestions. I'm on Day 1 actually as I'm writing this post and I just came back from a walk in the park/playground with my family.

So what is in the books? The book "30 Days, 30 Ways..." has simple tasks for a mum to do daily. The challenge is to do these tasks for a month and the end goal is for us to feel cared for and relaxed after achieving all the tasks for the month. Some examples are take a walk around the park, drink the right amount of water per day, and even do your nails (or have someone else do it for you). Not too hard aye? And pretty achievable too!

On the other hand, the workbook explains what self-care is all about, its importance, and how to achieve it as a busy mum. Aside from these, the book also helps us create a self-care schedule and goals. The book also has printables which include powerful affirmations to help us visualize our worth as a woman, mum, and wife. 

A few weeks ago, I remember I was feeling drained and exhausted while caring for my son. I thought 24/7 parenting would be easy but it really is hard work.

I remember I even spoke with Nofisa Caseman, an online personal coach and friend I met through Mums with Hustle, to battle my stress and she affirmed me and said "You got this." It was an absolutely simple yet positive affirmation of my strength and capabilities. And I remember after our conversation I was feeling better, calmer, and more confident that I can do it.

Somehow this book, and its lovely printables serve as a reminder of who I am and the capacity of my personal strength. It is an everyday companion that tells me "You got this mumma!"

So if you're interested, feel free to hop on over to Finlee and Me and check out Angela's merchandise or simply connect with her. She also has an inspiring blog so go have a quick read.

Thanks for dropping by. And remember, YOU GOT THIS!!! xx

Lots of love,


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