On Superheroes and Bad Moms

I woke up at 2:30 am today to breastfeed my son. He felt warmer than usual so I got a thermometer. He had a low-grade fever of 37.9 degree Celsius. 

I immediately got a tepid sponge to place on his warm forehead and gave him 1.8 cc of Paracetamol (which he mostly spat out as expected). I gave him water afterwards and when he was done with that, we resumed the boob. 

I find it amazing how with one touch of my son, I already knew he had a low-grade fever. It's amazing to know that motherhood gives us superpowers like that. We suddenly know things about our children even before they tell us (or even before any medical apparatus tells you). We know something is wrong with the slightest change in their body language or appearance.

Honestly, I didn't have these "superpowers" in the beginning. In the first few months of becoming a mother, I was struggling like many others. I kept trying and often failed in and it was rather frustrating. I remember my biggest disappointments were nail cutting (my husband did it heaps better the first time), breastfeeding (because my milk came on the third day and I had to cup feed my son for the first 2 days with formula), fever management, fall prevention (just last week my son fell on his face and scraped his nose), and many others. At first I felt like a failure and often beat myself up for it. But in time, things got better and I was also able to handle pressure pretty well. Now, I think I'm doing good. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I'm coping better now. Truly, improvement comes with time.  

There is so much pressure in becoming the perfect parent. That's why I guess the movie "Bad Moms" became so popular in my social circle - because it is a story about women who are trying really hard to be the best parents for their kids but their efforts remain unacknowledged. And to add fuel to the fire, relatives and friends also give the impression that they're not doing good enough even when they already are. I believe that once you keep trying as a mum, despite all the wrong things you've done, then you're already an awesome parent. People who never tried at all to care for their kids are the crappy ones. Just my point of view.

Well, all I learned from my first year and a half of parenthood is this s*** is hard! But it has made me a more selfless and happy person. I can't imagine my life without my son. 

So to all superhero mums out there who continuously try, cheers to you! Always remember you're awesome! 

How about you? What are the superpowers you feel you've developed after becoming a parent? Feel free to place a comment below. xx



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