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5 Perthie brands you'd Love to include in your Stocking stuffers list!!!

My son is finally taking his afternoon nap. Yas! After a full hour of trying to get him to sleep, he finally surrendered. I now have an hour to myself to spread my wings and write to my heart's content! --- Christmas is fast approaching and I could feel it in the air this November. First, we had a freak hailstorm a few days ago, which reminded me of cold Christmases we used to celebrate in the upper regions of the Philippines. Second, the City of Perth held a fantastic Christmas lights trail over the weekend in preparation for Christmas! They said it was the first time they did a Christmas lights trail and our family couldn't be happier with their efforts. With regards to our Christmas preps, we've recently set up the tree and put up the stockings. My husband also made a DIY wreath, which I am absolutely thankful for. And just like any panic buying parent, we've started buying and wrapping Christmas presents too.  Non-local brands that we're suppo

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