Beating Summertime Sadness at the BDJ and Revlon Summer Luau

Lana del Rey poignantly sings about summertime sadness. But nothing could beat the heat wave and the summer fling heartbreak than a fabulous makeover, right?

What better way to have that than in a Summer Luau? With the daily grind a scorcher, who can't resist a beachside party? I sure can't! So when Belle de Jour and Revlon decided to sponsor another awesome Beauty Soiree for BDJ bellas, I just can't resist to jump in and join!

The theme for the Beauty Soiree was SUMMER LUAU: Revlon Makeup Workshop. The event was held at Borough, The Podium last April 26, 2014.

Since it was a luau, we were asked to wear our best summer outfits. I decided to wear a flowy Maxi dress to this event. I was also glad to see many bellas donned in their best summer outfits. The best accessory I love from some bellas are their flower "crowns". They looked so amazing, girly, and absolutely summery! They remind me so much of the beach especially those of my hubby's home island of Bohol.

Aside from it being a luau, it was also a make-up workshop. The bellas had to arrive au naturale and sans  make-up . I had to come in from a Christening celebration prior to the event where I was clad in full ninang regalia. So I had to wipe down my make-up on the way while in the car. Good thing I brought along my trusty make-up remover wipes!

Our summer make-up guru was no other than Ana Paredes who taught us her top summer looks for both fair-skinned and morena Filipinas. Her summer make-up tips which struck me most were the use of light foundation, shimmer/bronzers, and vibrant tropical-colored lips for that pop of color! Also, when it comes to skin care, especially during the summer, the use of sunscreen was emphasized!

Here are some shots of Ana working her magic on the models:

The morena summer make-up by Ana.
After the Fair-skinned Summer Make-up transformation

After Ana's demonstration, we were then challenged by BDJ to create our own summer look! It was quite nerve-wracking for me since I'm only used to doing the basics when it comes to make-up. Also, I have no idea how to create the perfect summer eyeshadow. Nevertheless, I mustered all my courage and lived up to the challenge. Gladly, I also have bella friends; Denise and Kate who guided me when I asked questions on how to use a certain make-up product. In creating these looks, we all used products prepared for us by Revlon and BDJ.

Here is an extensive picture presentation of the Revlon make-up buffet which our lovely sponsors prepared especially for us!

Base color ready! We've got Revlon Photoready and Nearly Naked!

Make-up for eyes and lips.

The sponsors were so sweet to prepare some tissues and sponges to help us apply the make-up.

This is the foundation I chose for my summer look. It provides medium coverage. :)

New Revlon Photoready foundation

New Revlon Photoready Compact Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. Provides light to medium coverage.

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

Revlon Cream Blush.

Some of Revlon's latest products. Loving the new Photoready Skinlights! Perfect for summer!

My favorite bronzer and illuminator.

Revlon Photoready Bronzers

Revlon Higlighting Palette in Peach Glow (001)

A handful of Revlon Colorstay Eyeliners

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel

Revlon Lash Potion mascara.

My favorite! Revlon Just Bitten Kissable!

Revlon Colorburst Lip butter.

Here is my before and after shots of my own summer look. I tried my very best to learn from the workshop and thankfully, I was among the 5 who won a prize for best make-up looks created! Whoopie!

My Before and After Summer Look! I focused on utilizing the bronzer/skinlights, attaining clear skin through the Revlon Photoready foundation, and using the Tangerine Just Bitten Kissable. :) 

Aside from the make-up buffet, we also had an awesome food buffet! From the appetizers, main course, up to the dessert - the food was definitely a gastronomic treat! Here is another picture presentation of the foodstuff prepared for us.

My favorite! Potato chips with Sour Cream dip. Really awesome!

Spicy Buffalo wings that I'm pretty sure my hubby and brothers would love.

Grilled cheese sandwich with Tomato dip.

Pita bread with bean dip. :)

Mini hamburgers.

Creamy Vanilla Milk. So yum.

Assorted cookies in Chocolate, Ginger bread, and Oatmeal Cinnamon!
So the event closed with everyone looking sizzling fabulous in their summer makeup looks thanks to Revlon!

Announcement of winners for the best outfit where my friend, Rochelle, won! Congratulations Rochelle!

A picture with Denise ( and the summer look winner, Rochelle (

With Kate ( and Kamila (! Thanks Kate for teaching me how to do my eyeshadow! :) I will practice really hard I promise. <3

With the awesome Mitch! :) Love you girl and thanks for encouraging me!

Thank you Belle de Jour and Revlon for another amazing soiree! All your products were divine and I think I'm a Photoready and Skinlights convert since the soiree! Thanks for improving our make-up skills too and allowing us to believe that we can do it!

Wanna join the BDJ Soiree? Subscribe to their BDJBOX at today! :)



  1. Nice post :-) I really love reading your blog. Very detailed and informative. Thanks for congratulating me. See you soon! Congratulations din for winning the best summer makeup look ♥

    1. Thanks Rochelle! You have always been one of my many inspirations! Thanks for encouraging me to blog. :) God bless you always! <3


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