Mario Badescu hosts first Skin Care workshop in Manila

Hey there!

I'm back from a long hiatus to write about another Skin Care adventure. This time, it's from Mario Badescu! 

If you happen to be curious who Mario Badescu is, he is a Romanian skin care specialist who opened his first clinic in New York in 1967. And now, his products are in the Philippines!
Last weekend, I was invited to the Mario Badescu Skin Care Workshop entitled Beautiful Badescu Skin: Putting Your Best Face Forward.

From Rustan's The Beauty Source.

The products of Mario Badescu have been in the country as long as I can remember but apparently this was their first ever skin care workshop. I am very pleased!

From Rustans The Beauty Source.

I've heard positive reviews about this brand from my friends Jessie and Mizi so I am excited to learn more about their products.  

The workshop started with a talk on Skin 101 by Dr. Gisella Adasa. She discussed the anatomy of the skin, the different skin types, and basic skin care know-how. This reminded me so much of my university days while studying nursing. 

Dermatologist Dr. Adasa starting her lecture.
Most Filipinas fall under Skin category IV which needs a minimum of SPF 15.

Thereafter, a staff of Mario Badescu introduced their products most suited for the various skin types previously discussed. I personally have acne-prone skin and this is the skin care regimen best for women like me.

For acne prone skin, this is the recommended regimen.
According to Dr. Adasa, to know if a skin care regimen or brand really works for your skin care needs, you have to test it for a month. Personally, before I make any promotions of a product on my blog, I really do use them for 2 weeks to a month. 

After the discussion, we started with the hands-on trial of their products. I would like to commend the staff of Mario Badescu for really putting effort into this. 

First, they have a wash basin, water, mirror, head band, towel, cotton balls, tissue, q-tips, and alcohol ready at our disposal. Secondly, they gave us samples of the entire skin care line suitable for our skin needs. This workshop was well organized and all our needs were addressed.

Our personal skin care testing tools.

Thank you Mario Badescu for this learning experience. I would definitely put all I have learned into practice. I will also use your products for a month to know if they really work on my skin. 

As of now, I have been using them for a week, and so farthey are awesome. I am also using with it another organic brand, Human Heart Nature, and it is working amazingly with that product. I haven't had any breakouts recently. <3

Goodie bag from the workshop.

Inside the goodie bag, samples for testing.

With much research, I also learned that Mario Badescu does not test on animals. As of this week, I vow to not promote products which do animal testing in my next posts. I would like to apologize to my previously patronized brands but it is against my personal beliefs to continue harming animals for the sake of physical beauty. Sorry. :)

To learn more about Mario Badescu Philippines, please feel free to visit their Facebook page at Rustans The Beauty Source or visit their stall at EDSA Shangri-La. Check out their website here.




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