Gracing the #IamFLAWLESS Campaign

You must be wondering about the many #IamFLAWLESS posts I have been posting on my social media accounts lately? Well, it was all because of this awesome event sponsored by Flawless.

Photo from @myflawless Ig account

Last weekend, I was invited by Flawless to participate in their #IamFLAWLESS campaign. I was pretty much interested because I am excited to know more about what the Philippine Skin care market can offer us skin enthusiasts.

There were approximately 40 participants who attended this exclusive event which focused on sharing what Flawless has done to address the skin care needs of every Filipina/Filipino and how they have partnered with Novexpert to expand their product line and supply us a wide array of organic skin care goodies!

Novexpert is a skin care line from France. They partnered with Flawless to become their official distributor in the Philippine market. Their products are 100% natural, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic.

Novexpert product testing booth

The Expert Anti-Aging line

Expert eye care

The event started with some photo ops, getting-to-know-you with our seatmates, Novexpert product tests, and some cocktails. They served a lot of yummy treats for us, and my most favorite of course were the eclairs. 

My seatmates, Rose and Charlene
Banquet fit for princesses!

My favorite! Chocolate is love.

After our warm up activities, we started the program  with an introduction from our emcee and a Q & A portion about skin concerns and our experiences with the services of Flawless. Ms. Natasha also came onstage to give a briefing on what's new with Flawless.

Q & A with Sielyn
Ms. Natasha
Two Flawless ambassadors, Divine Lee and Maxene Magalona, also graced the event to share with us their personal experience with the services of Flawless. Divine is the endorser of the body sculpting services while Maxene is the endorser of their eye care products.

I have always been a fan of the natural way of preserving my God-given beauty so I was inspired when Divine shared her fitness tips with us. I sure will try my best to get my weekly workout routine done.

Also, I loved it when she said, "Take care of yourself." There are times when I neglect my facial sunscreen or my veggies in the diet. I was reminded by Divine to really put a little effort in how I become a steward of my own body. Thanks Divine!

Ms. Maxene Magalona
Ms. Divine Lee
With my Fitspiration, Divine.

With the pretty Maxene.

The Flawless CEO and owner, Ms. Rubby Sy, and their Brand manager also came to answer our questions and give us freebies! Yay!

May I add that I love Ms. Rubby's pink, fairy-like dress. Just sayin'. <3

The brand manager of Flawless
Ms. Rubby Sy, the CEO and owner of Flawless, holds up our official #IamFLAWLESS shirt.
With Ms. Rubby Sy

They also had a raffle of 6 sets of the Cell booster kits! Here is a picture of the lucky winners. Congratulations!

Winners of the Cell booster kits
Thanks Flawless for a magnificent event! I had fun, learned a lot, and I met women who inspired me to take care of my body. 

Know more about Flawless by visiting their social media accounts today!

Facebook: Flawless Face and Body Clinic
Twitter: @myflawless
Instagram: @myflawless

Much love,


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