The Secret to 'Second Skin': My Notes on the Laura Mercier Make-up Workshop

A few weeks ago, my friend and I attended a Laura Mercier make-up workshop by Benjamin Ruiz. This was sponsored by Rustans the Beauty Source at Shangri-La mall. 

Benjamin is one of the Global Make-up Artists for Laura Mercier and has done the make-up of numerous Hollywood A-listers, among them, the dazzling Charlize Theron. She was the inspiration for the make-up style he taught us.

From Rustans the Beauty Source

Since we are in the -BER months, Benjamin thought of imparting with us Holiday Glam Make-up Tips. He said this is a look that is very easy to achieve - a glamorous, classy, no-make-up look. 

I love it that the make-up industry is going for the no-make-up look nowadays because it looks simply elegant - definitely appropriate for the solemnity of Christmas.

At the workshop with my sis, Jessie.

I personally took notes of the must-know tips to help every newbie make-up enthusiast, like me, know where to focus in doing our make-up.

Benjamin's 5 Must-know Steps

Benjamin emphasized to start with flawless skin. He says that we can always play with our eyes and lips depending on our personal style but creating flawless skin is a standard that needs to be followed.

Benjamin with the model, Therese.

Step 1: Primer

He started off with using the Laura Mercier oil-free primer as a base. He advised to massage the primer onto the skin to improve blood circulation on the face and to allow it to set adequately.

Note: If you are using the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance, you may opt to skip the next step.

From Rustans the Beauty Source.

Step 2: Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer

Next, he used the Laura Mercier Foundation on the client's face. To check whether you chose the right foundation for your skin tone, swipe a small amount on your jaw line. If it blends on your skin perfectly and is not traceable, then you've found your match.

Benjamin added, 'You dont have to wear a lot of foundation for good coverage. The secret is pigment load. How much pigment is in your make-up?' 

Oftentimes, for a product to 'effectively' cover our problem areas, we tend to put on a heavy amount. Instead of doing this and clogging our pores, Benjamin advices to buy a more pigmented foundation so you put on less product but achieve your desired coverage!

Also, check the ingredients of what you're buying. A ton of ingredients do not ultimately translate into a better product. Find a product that has more pigment in it. Laura Mercier foundations are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.

If you are not into foundations and you would like to have lighter make-up coverage, Laura Mercier also has a Tinted Moisturizer. This Tinted Moisturizer is their iconic product and the product, he said, is sold every 12 seconds worldwide!!! It has SPF 20 and creates sheer coverage on the face.

Benjamin advices everyone to create a 'Second Skin' when doing their foundation or tinted moisturizer. It should be non-traceable or not obvious. He uses the 'Press and Roll' technique by applying the product on a sponge, pressing it on the skin and rolling it upon application. This technique delivers a 'Second Skin' finish which Benjamin highly recommends.

Step 3: Concealer

If Benjamin were stuck in an island and can only bring one product, he vowed that the product he would find most handy is the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. He vouched that he could do a full makeover with this one product! The difference with this product with others is that it is two-toned, so you could create and blend exactly the shade you need. 

Most concealers we have in stores are not two-toned and creates obvious 'concealing'! Remember that once a concealer is obvious, it has failed to fulfill its intended purpose. The Secret Camouflage blends naturally and helps you achieve that Second Skin. Even if you've gone to the beach and got a little tan, you could simply blend to create a more bronzed hue from your palette. 

Also, you may use this after you put on moisturizer and  without foundation. Even if you go out in the sun, no one will notice you've used concealer.

Laura Mercier has different concealers for under the eyes and for the face. Laura Mercier's eye concealers are more creamy so you can't use it for the face. Also, a tiny bit of this product can already conceal your entire under-eye area.

High Coverage Under Eye Concealer

Step 4: Finishing Powder

Benjamin says to put your finishing powder on with a puff instead of a brush. This is among the tricks of true Hollywood make-up artists. 

How to do it? Roll the puff like a taco and 'Press and Roll' on skin to force your make-up to set as 'Second Skin'. It's like marrying the powder with the foundation. When you apply the powder using a brush, the effect is only superficial so the make-up does not last long.

Always remember that a brush is more for powder coverage on flat surfaces of the face. Do not add too much powder on areas with natural creases on the face.

Step 5: Highlights

One of the favorite tricks of Charlize Theron, according to Benjamin, is putting on highlights, most especially above the cheeks. He also suggests putting on highlights on the eyelids for the Natural Glow look of Sarah Jessica Parker.

The secret to Charlize's glowing skin is applying highlights above the cheeks. (From Google Images)

For a bolder eyeshadow that stays on for 24 hours, Benjamin suggests you try the Caviar Stick Eye Color. It is their Number 1 selling eyeshadow! It goes on as cream but dries matte, highly pigmented, and it stays on the whole day!

We tried it and were simply amazed of the pigment load and how it was hard to get off my hand by rubbing.


Thank you for checking out these tips from Benjamin Ruiz! I hope they will help you achieve your perfect Second Skin for the coming holidays! 

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