Going Loco for Latin American Food at Señor Pollo

I chanced upon a blog review of this restaurant which my husband and I found promising and right then, we immediately drove to Senor Pollo for a Friday night dinner.

Location: F7 Building, Scout Rallos, Tomas Morato, QC 

Budget: Php 150 - 350

Ambiance: relaxed Latin American-inspired interiors, albeit smokey; air-conditioned room at 2nd floor

Business Hours: 11:30 am to 2 am

Must try: Senor Pollo Roast

Parking: Huge free parking lot at the ground floor

The Ambiance

The interiors of Senor Pollo is very Latin American. They utilized a lot of brick and wooden designs. Much of their art pieces used warm, strong and bright colors. 

The first floor is open and not air-conditioned but the second floor is. There's also a smokey scent in the air from all the chicken roasting.

I think this is a great place to chat with friends and hang out with your barkada

I don't find it very appropriate for pregnant women or those with a sensitive sense of smell because of the smoke from the rotisserie below. The space is also quite small and tends to be jam-packed during peak hours. 

The first floor of Senor Pollo where you could take a look at the huge overhead menu.

Of roosters and llamas. Bright and warm colors for art pieces.

This reminds me so much of Back to the Future... and Biff.

You could eat by the bar or your usual dining table.

It's all about them bones and salsa music.

From the Chilean writer, Pablo Neruda.

Our barrel dining table.

The Menu

What We Ordered

To sample their ever famous chicken, we ordered some quarter chicken meals. Our sidings were Mac and Cheese, Latin coleslaw, Spicy rice, and Patatas Bravas.

Two quarter Senor Pollo roast chicken meals plus the sidings (Php 209 each meal).

Quarter roast with Mac and Cheese.

The Latin coleslaw.

Quarter chicken with Patatas Bravas and Spicy rice (Php 209).

 The Verdict

We think this place is a must for a night-out with friends. And the meal is oh so Latin flavorful! Best for barkada rendezvous, I rate this resto 4.5 clucking Latin American roosters out of a possible 5




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