The Real Taste of Pampanga: Mila's Tokwa't Baboy

A friend once told me that if it's scenic tourist spots I were looking for in Pampanga, I'll be disappointed. The province boasts more of its food tourism more than anything. It has always been popular for cooking up the most awesome, unique, and delectable Filipino dishes! 

True enough, I proved this myself after an eventful road trip to Pampanga when we arrived at our destination - D' Original MILA'S Tokwa't Baboy.

Location: Brgy. San Angelo, San Andres Street, Angeles, Pampanga

Budget: can go as low as less than Php 100 per person 

Ambiance: Clean, That un-intimidating ole "carinderia" feel

Business Hours: 10 am - 10 pm

Must try: Sizzling sisig, Chicharong Bulaklak, Tocino Barbecue

Parking: Free, Along subdivision's streets 

The Ambiance

Mila's Tokwa't Baboy looks like your typical university hangout place. It reminds me so much of the eateries in UP Diliman. The interiors are simple and laid back. Just right for a barkada having a road trip and looking for the perfect local hangout spot.

This restaurant was highly recommended by our dear friend and foodie, Julie, whose grandmother actually owns the place! Much to our surprise they have already been featured by Biyahe ni Drew way back in 2013. By then we knew there was something special about this eatery.  

The chill, unassuming interiors of Mila's Tokwa't Baboy.

Pictures of celebrities who have visited the eatery.
The gang with no other than the owner and founder, Lola Mila!!!

Parking outside the restaurant.

The Menu

What We Ordered

As highly recommended by Julie's grandma, we ordered the Sisig, Chicharong bulaklak, Tocino Barbecue, and Tokwa't Baboy. We also ordered plain rice for all of us and some drinks. 

Honestly, I was never a fan of Chicharong bulaklak. I first tried it in an exotic restaurant in Baguio and I didn't like the texture of it, and the sort of mushy insides. 

The best Chicharong Bulaklak (Php 200) you'll ever have!

My friends urged me to take a bite of Lola Mila's Chicharong Bulaklak and I can't believe how it teased my tastebuds! It was sooo good! Writing this review right now while recalling the experience is already making me drool. It was super crispy and it had none of the mushy insides characteristic of the usual CB.

I have always loved sisig and barbecue and theirs' were just perfect. I haven't really tried barbecuing pork tocino so it was something different for me, especially noting it's unique sweetness.

Sizzling Sisig (Php 200).

Tocino Barbecue (Php 170)

Tokwa't Baboy (Php 200)

For dessert, Lola Mila gave us a platter of Leche Flan, complements of the house. Their Leche Flan is creamy and velvety smooth. 

Leche Flan (Php 120) on the house.

 The Verdict

Sampling probably one of the best that Pampanga's food tourism has to offer, I am definitely endorsing this to my foodie friends. A sisig place never to be missed. Thank you Lola Mila, I give you a whopping 5 melts-in-your-mouth crispy pork chicharong bulaklak out of a possible 5!

PS: Make sure to bring along your hypertensive meds because you definitely cannot help but eat a lot. Or you may opt to drink a cup of hot tea after meals or jog it off the next day. Whatever burns them calories. 

Howdy, from the Everyday Barkada!



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