Amusing Grace: A Book Review // Plus how to get a free copy!!!

When I was on bed rest in the earlier part of this year, I would often scour the internet for new books I could read. Since I am barely allowed to do any strenuous activities, it was an imperative to get creative and think of things to do while lying on bed. A very obvious hobby I thought of was reading.

I got a copy of the Amusing Grace by Rosanne C. Romero from the Phenomenal Mama's giveaway on her blog. As I read her review on the book, I felt like I was being called to read it too. 

Like the author, I was undergoing a physical ailment at that time - Placenta Previa Totalis - and I just had to learn how she coped with her situation. My condition was nothing compared to her lifelong ailment but I felt connected to her and I wanted to read her book to gain wisdom from her stories.

Thankfully, I won the contest (yay!) and Phenomenal Mama Tina sent me a copy via mail.

First Impressions...

The book was candidly written and did not mince words. After reading the first few pages, I was surprised by how the author did not hold back any opinions.  I realized, the author is just being real - all the more reason for me to love her. I read a few more pages... then I was hooked.

What I love about Amusing Grace

  • Candidly written. It was so "real" and tagos-sa-laman.
  • It was funny.
  • It had inspirational tidbits inserted in between chapters. 
  • The stories were heartwarming, true-to-life, and touched on various life struggles - whether about illness, parenting, your house help, and even lawsuits! 
  • It is a feel-good book and gives hope to those in despair. 

Personally, the book served as a reminder for me to never give up despite adversity, to learn to laugh while in pain, and to surrender wholeheartedly to God in both good and bad times.

When I read it a few months ago, I was concerned over a lot of challenges in my life. I was basically hopeless. Somehow, this book helped me to see the struggles in my life the way a true Christian should see it. It allayed my fears and allowed me to see Christ in all the things I was going through.

Here are some quotes I loved from the book:
"Life is terminal. I don't need to find a way to change immutable laws like that. My life is in His hands. I only need to finish well."

"This kind of brave, this kind of indomitable, is not something one sets out to be. It is a grace that can only come from God."

"They know they are not indestructible. They know they can easily be defeated, but they fight anyway."

"We whine about so many things. We rue, 'Ahhh, life is unfair. Life is cruel.' True. But it is Igual who has more right to say that. Compared to his life, ours is enchanted." (Who is Igual? Find out when you get a copy of the book!)

"After MS, a lot of people will be jumping around celebrating the miracle of healing. And why not? But for me, they missed the even greater miracle - that of being held in the palm of God's hand in adversity."

"Lives given to the Lord turn up like this in difficult times. It's the stuff they're made of. Character hewn by God." 

To end this post, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes on life's sufferings. It is something I tell myself every time I am facing a lot of seemingly insurmountable problems. I can't remember where I got this but I believe it was inspired by Mother Theresa. 
"To resurrect with Christ,
we should also die with Christ."

If you want a free copy of the book, Mommy Bloggers Philippines is hosting a contest together with Shepherd's Voice publications. Click here to know more about the contest. 

God bless you all and may He be praised!



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