My son's Christening: Our DIY Project

Hey there friends! Sorry if I haven't posted in the last 2 months. I've been busy lately. Apparently, moving from one country to another is hard work. Lol! Anyway, I've settled in a bit and thought about working on my backlogs. Here is a little photo dump post about our DIY Christening experience! Cheers!


With the influx of social media inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, my husband and I were encouraged to design our son's Christening reception by ourselves. 

Here is a gallery of the little things we created for his Christening.

Personalized tarpaulin printed by Arabelo's Catering.
They also took care of the tables and the buffet presentation.

Balloon and floral bouquet from Arabelo's Catering.
The colors we chose for the baptism were blue and white.

Blue and white linens over tables with a balloon pacifier centerpiece.

Personalized baptism cake created by our favorite Estrel's!

Activity booth handcrafted by us and our friends! Eric did all the lettering! Isn't it superb?!

This 3D name hand-painted by Jaf and Eric.

Wishes for the baby created and printed by Kat.

Personalized candy jars created by my husband and I. 

Personalized stickers were cut and printed by Beryl, JB, and I.

My husband also hand-crafted some sheep origami to add to the centerpiece.

I hope you enjoyed my little gallery! May this inspire you in any DIY projects you're doing at the moment.  

We would like to thank all our friends, especially the Everyday Barkada, Beryl, JB, and Jaffy, for creating all of these cherished DIY items (and memories) with us.

Thank you as well to all our friends and family who came. Your presence was very much appreciated!!! 

God bless!



If you're interested to know my suppliers, here are their links:
Arabelo's Catering, Estrel's Cakes, and Photobug photobooth. 

Some photos in this post by Crimea Vacal.


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