Welcome Spring with a Visit to Araluen!!!

Spring has finally arrived! And the first thing we wanted to visit was Araluen Botanic Park. I've seen a lot of pictures of this place from my friends' Facebook pages and they've honestly lured us into planning a trip here.

Araluen is located at the southeast of Perth, specifically in Croyden Road, Roleystone, Western Australia. 

It is inaccessible to both buses and trains so you outta drive to reach this place. 

We went there on a weekend, at the same time when the hoard of humanity also visited. Hence, looking for parking was a chore. Also, many cars parked on the sides of the driveway so it was much harder for us to pass through. We had to be very careful with the 1 cm space between our cars and theirs. Lol!

Some even decided to turn back and head home because of the traffic pile up and the absence of accessible parking.

However, the picturesque flowers that welcomed us more than compensated the tedious ride to get there. 

Should you want to visit next year, I would suggest you go on weekdays to avoid the traffic volume and to have the place more to yourself.

While I was sitting in the back of the car, I decided to read up on Araluen and I learned from their website that it was established as a holiday camp for the youth in 1929 by JJ "Boss" Simons. The place had an Eastern States Aboriginal name, Araluen, which meant "singing waters" or "place of lilies." 

We arrived half past 12 in the park, which was open from 9 am to 6 pm from August to November. The opening times of the park is seasonal so I would suggest visiting their website before planning your trip. Also, the tulips aren't there the whole year round, usually only in spring, so you outta check out their website to catch these lovelies. 

Upon arriving, there were already park volunteers who assisted us and collected money for our entrance fee. We paid $6 AUD per adult and $3 AUD per child 6-15 years of age. I reckon my little 4-month old bubba was free. If you have a government concession card, prices are slashed to half on Tuesdays so you may want to visit on Tuesdays instead. 

Araluen is a huge place when you get inside. It has enough amenities and space to accommodate families who want to have a picnic and who want to take pictures with the magnificent flora. They also have a cafe in the grounds as well as a train which could bring you around the park. 

I would suggest that you wear comfortable sports-ready attire when going because the place is hilly and there are a lot of uphill climbing and walking that you will be doing. It will be best if you get equipped with proper clothing and food/water to get you going.

All in all, the place is a lovely park to visit in spring when the flowers have fully bloomed. It is also a family-friendly hangout, especially those who love the outdoors.

If you would like to learn more about Araluen, please do check out their website.

I hope you'll put this in your itinerary when you visit Perth in spring. Have you got any fave flower parks/festivals that you'd like to share? Please do comment below so we could include that in one of our holiday itineraries too!

Happy Spring to you dear friends!!!



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