Bloggers United Australia held a Halloween Swap and I'm in!!!

A few weeks ago, Bloggers United Australia hosted a Halloween Swap for bloggers all around Australia. I thought this was an exciting activity and decided to join in! It would also be one of the best ways to meet other bloggers. 

I started the swap by answering a questionnaire from Bloggers United about my gift preferences etc. Later on, they e-mailed me who my swap buddy was. 

I was paired with Charlie, an American Lifestyle blogger who is currently living in Melbourne. Her blog is Curious Charlie and her Instagram account is @CuriousxCharlie. Please check her blog and social media pages out! 

So, after our chats and exchange of e-mails, I finally got her a loot box full of stationary supplies, make-up, accessories, and some limited edition chocolates as requested. I sure hope she gets the stuff on time and in good condition. I'm often wary about how my package is going to be handled. But I hope Australia Post will do a great job in delivering my stuff to her. 

Now, on to my loot bag... which I got today! I asked Charlie for baby stuff or handmade goods from local markets in Melbourne and she got me a striped Bonds Wondersuit for my bub, a glittery white picture frame, and geometric art wall prints from the local markets! Yay! 

My Halloween Swap loot from Charlie.

Little Yo wearing his Wondersuit.

I had a blast getting to know Charlie and her love for the theatre! She has sophisticated taste and If you're interested reading about the Melbourne lifestyle, then follow her blog. 

Beautifully designed geometric art pieces!

I'm very happy with my first Halloween swap experience! Can't wait to do this again next year!

Thank you so much Bloggers United Australia for giving us a lovely opportunity to get to know more  bloggers and for creating a supportive blogging community! 

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