The First H&M Store Opens in Perth!!!

Last August 29, the first H&M store opened in Perth! I was exhilarated because at last I will be able to attend a H&M store opening! I was unable to attend the store opening in Manila because I have this huge fear to be trampled on by the hoard of humanity on my 4th month of pregnancy. Kidding aside, I was pregnant so I did not go.

Since its opening in Manila, my husband and I have admired all the affordable clothing pieces they offer for babies! We are definitely fans of their baby clothes! So having their first store here in Perth is a huge excitement for me!    

Isn't this beautiful?! I want to take home the "J" and the heart.

We arrived at Lakeside Joondalup mall around 9 am and people have already started lining at the entrance of the store. Traffic flow of people was regulated so it wasn't too crowded when we got inside. 

The line to the entrance.

We headed directly to the babies section upon entering and we were thrilled to find lots of specials on clothes for our little one! Yes $3 onesie, you're mine!

Baby section!!! Yehey!

After grabbing stuff that we wanted for little Yo, we had to line up at the check out for around 10 minutes. It was a bit of a wait but this gave us enough time to check out other products that H&M had to offer for adults. My husband and I took turns in scouring the men's and women's aisles. I was happy to find lots of women's tops on special as well! Happy me!

"With great fashion comes great responsibility" True that.

Upon check out, we were also able to use discount cards given by Lakeside Joondalup to all who rode the train to get there. Thank you so much LJ!!!

Thanks for the LJ giftcard!

I would like to commend the organizers of this event because they ensured that all patrons had a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. They regulated human traffic flow efficiently, gave discount coupons ($10 each) to train riders, they gave out bottles of water for everyone, and even gave consideration to shoppers with prams, wheel chairs, and the elderly. Lastly, shopping was made even more fun by the presence of a DJ droppin' some cool beats. 

DJ droppin' some cool beats.

It was an enjoyable experience and we were delighted to know what H&M has to offer. Most of the products here are the same ones we also saw in Manila btw if you're curious. 

If you're looking for cute pieces for your little one, try visiting H&M at Lakeside Joondalup, WA today!

So creative! I love the concept.

To know more about H&M and other stores in Lakeside Joondalup, visit their website and Instagram account today! Use hashtag #LakesideJoondalup for your lovely shots of LJ.

'Til our next visit to LJ! Cheers!



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