Kids Christmas Crafts Sorted with Twinkl!!!

As a first time mum, I often wonder if I'm doing enough to stimulate my child. We do rhyme time, playgroups, and outdoor play but I often wonder if these are all enough. I would like to think that I'm only overreacting when I say these things but a newbie like me would always wonder if there's something else that I could do to give my son the best start in life.

I came across Twinkl, a website dedicated to providing unique, teacher-created, learning resources for educators and parents alike. It is free to join their website and get teaching aids and inspiration, but to download all content, one must pay for premium membership.


Their teaching, planning, and assessment materials are suitable for infants to Year 6 kids. These resources are also created and double checked by teachers to maintain their high level of quality. The activities are also updated daily. In my experience, I've seen an additional 2-3 resources per day.

Some of the resources they have are lesson packs, PowerPoints, planning, assessment, and display materials, story book ideas, topic based ideas, arts and crafts, and so much more!

Their Values and Core Beliefs

Twinkl believes that every child should be loved and nurtured, they are unique and special. They want to see children happy and excited about learning - seeing them achieve their potential and having lightbulb moments.

Trying Out Twinkl

Sneak peek of the Twinkl Website

At first glance of their website, I would honestly say that it felt daunting to me. I thought it would be hard navigating through the site or challenging creating their crafts. But as I explored, the more I loved how easy it was and how cheap it actually was to make crafts for the kids! I thought I would have to shell out a lot for the projects but found out that I could recycle things we have at home and don't have to spend much!

Our Chosen Activities

The activities I picked for us to do are those from the "Birth to Twos" section of the "Parents" category. I picked three Christmas activities apt to the holiday season, which would hopefully give you inspo on what to do with your kids this holiday season.

I often visit the Parents section which are very "parent-friendly" and easy to navigate.

Since my son is a toddler, we do age-appropriate activities from the Birth to Twos section.

Christmas Sensory Bin

When I first saw this, I thought I needed to buy a box and its contents. Thankfully, I only needed to recycle a box and Christmas trinkets we didn't use. Here is Yo's Christmas Sensory bin:

Our homemade Christmas Sensory bin.

Components: Recycled box, Christmas baubles, Golden beads, Christmas tree trinkets, and a snow globe.

Tip: Choose Christmas ornaments with different colors, textures, sounds, and shapes.

At first I was unsure if my toddler would respond to the sensory box but he did and he loved it! His fave item were the Christmas tree ornaments which he also hung on the tree as well as the golden beads he wore as a necklace then later on, as a belt. Among all the crafts we did, I must admit this Christmas sensory bin was what he loved most. This is also one of the easiest to do and I highly recommend it for parents who've never done it.

Yo playing with the Christmas chimes (for Auditory stimulation).

Playing with the Christmas tree beads (For tactile stimulation).

Putting baubles and trinkets on the Christmas tree.

It's amazing how my kid responded to this box! It was a simple thing I prepared but the results were fantastic and Yo had loads of fun!

Christmas Can You Find...?

The next one was easy to do because I needed only to print a page from their website. The "Can You Find...?" activity is very interesting as it helps to develop a toddler's vocabulary and image recognition. 

Can you find Father Christmas?

Christmas Spy Sensory Bottle

This was the last project I made for my son and I found this fun because of how the colored rice was made. It was fascinating to know that vinegar helps make food coloring stick to the rice grain! Truly this website not only teaches kids but parents as well.

For our Christmas spy bottle, I used a recycled bottle, printed Christmas images, rice, food coloring, and vinegar. All these were easy to find in our house and did not cost much.

The aim of this activity is to look for Christmas related items buried beneath the colored rice. It is like the "Can you find...?" but is more challenging.

Drying out our colored rice.

The finished product: Christmas Sensory Spy bottle.

We found the gifts sack!

These were the Christmas crafts we tried from Twinkl and I am definitely excited to try out more especially the Christmas Sensory bag (with glitters and gel) and Christmas playdough! 

All in all, I think Twinkl is a substantial resource website for parents looking for activities for their kids, for homeschoolers, and for teachers. I highly recommend it especially for new parents like myself who are out of ideas of what to do with the kiddos.

To know more about Twinkl, here are links to their social media accounts and website: 

I hope you learned a lot from this post! Happy holidays!!!

What Christmas crafts have you done lately with the kiddos? Hit me up in the comments. xx

Cheers Supermum!


Note: Although this post is a collaboration with Twinkl, all comments and reviews are 100% my own.


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