5 Awesome Speedy Hair Care Hacks for Mums-on-the-go: Achieve Your Best Hair Ever!!!

Most days, I barely have "mummy" time. Between all the things that need to be cleaned, sorted, and fixed around the house and responding to the needs of my toddler, I must say that sometimes, a whole day is not enough. There are days when I leave dishes that need to be washed overnight or I forget the laundry still in the wash for longer than it should. I am not complaining really but just giving you a picture of the everyday chaos in our household. But at the end of the day, emergencies are always averted and the mum (or dad) who fixed it is exhausted. 

Reaching heightened levels of stress for me means a total disregard for self and hygiene. There are days when I look in the mirror and find my nails too long, eyebrows unkempt, or my skin blotchy and pale. Last time, I sniffed my hair and it even smelled like our fried salmon lunch!

I then remembered some quote from pinterest that a mum should take care of herself first because only then can she provide quality care for others. That's when I decided to shape up and have a few hours in a specific day of the week for mummy time. 

So for my first mummy time entry, here are my all-about-hair hacks for the busy mum: 

1. Wash your hair, dry, and style at night

I learned about this tip from a former friend and colleague who would wash, dry, and style at night. I remember she often arrives at work with perfectly straight and neatly styled hair. I asked her what her secret was and she said to do all the styling at night when you have more time and the kids are fast asleep.

Quick fix Tip: If you can't do this and it's an emergency, there's always dry shampoo and a sleek high ponytail option. A handful of women also suggest washing the hair every other day so as not to dry it out and to be able to style it quicker.

2. Use Terry cloth absorbent towels

We got this Aquazorb towel in Manila and it is one of the most absorbent towels I know.

I have been using Terry cloth towels for a few years now and I love how absorbent and soft they are. They're heaps softer than usual towels which is good for the hair. Terry cloth towels dry hair faster and put less stress on hair because of its softer fibers.

3. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush

After washing my hair, I usually use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it. This was suggested to me by my aunt and she believes using a good wide-tooth comb causes less hair breakage.

My two best detangling brushes: Dessata Detangling brush and the Herbench wide-tooth comb. I got Dessata from Australia while I bought my Herbench comb from Manila.

Recently, detangling brushes have been invented and are among the must-have hair care products for the past years. I would recommend this too if you can't find a wide-tooth comb.

Quick fix tip: Detangle your hair starting from the bottom sections going up for more effective detangling.

4. Quick weekend masks and treatments

I condition my hair around 2-3 times on weekdays. However, I do lengthier hair treatments on weekends when my husband is at home to help me with our toddler. 

My weekend treatment for shiny hair!

Quick fix tip: No time to condition or treat your hair? Then use a leave-on Argan oil instead!

A great daily leave-on conditioner! 

5. Use fast tools which give a longer-staying hairstyle

For fast results, one must use fast methods. Aside from using terry towels and detangling brushes, hair dryers are often used as the fastest hair drying method. 

My VS hair dryer for speedy drying and VS curling iron for speedy styling.

In styling, use hair styling products and equipment which helps achieve the results faster but makes the style last longer.

This Redken Beach envy volume wave aid helps make my curls last longer. 

*Other body hair:

For eyebrows, I usually pluck it or let someone else thread my brows. I have no quick way when it comes to eyebrows. It's those two options only.

For hair on my extremities, I use a Babyliss epilator to do the job for me. You can use the Babyliss to remove hair on your arms, legs, and even your face! It's an all-around gadget and is my quickest DIY method for hair removal at home. Waxing is good too if you have the time for it.


So those are all my hair care and styling hacks! 

What about you? What are your quick and best ways to care for your tresses? Comment below. xx


Note: Redken. Biolage, Dessata, Babyliss, and VS Curling Iron are gifted products but all opinions and comments are 100% my own. All other products were 100% purchased by me too. xx


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