Make Your Child Emergency-ready with Toby the Teddy!!!

There are times when I am alone with my son and I wonder what would happen if I had an emergency and he doesn't know how to help me. 

Is This an Emergency? (A$ 19.95) and Fridge Magnet (A$ 2.95)

Thankfully, I chanced upon this book which teaches children how to contact an ambulance and decipher if a situation is an emergency or not.

This initiative was created by teacher-paramedic duo, Catherine Buckley and Amelia Harrison. Catherine is currently a primary school teacher, while Amelia is involved in international emergency medical services.

As a nurse and new parent, I need all the help I can get in teaching my son new things, especially something as serious and important as EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

What I particularly love about the book are the examples that would help my child decipher if an event is an emergency or not. 

The book introduced non-emergency, potential emergency, and real emergency scenarios. (I only coined these terms so the examples can be easily discussed and understood). 

Non-emergency examples include dropping food on the ground and getting wet in the rain, which the book teaches does not warrant emergency medical response. 

Potential emergency situations include grazing one's knee on the playground and wheezing after running for a person with Asthma. These situations teach the child to ask for help from an adult nearby, like a teacher or parent. 

If you grazed your knee, ask for help from your teacher, parent, or nearest adult.

Examples of emergency scenarios include food allergy and finding an unconscious adult on the floor. In these situations, the child is taught to dial 000, ask for an ambulance, and tell his location to the operator. 

If your friend had an allergic reaction to food, call the ambulance right away.
If you find your parent or relative surprisingly unconscious on the floor, call an ambulance.

Together with the book, you may also order useful add-ons like a magnetic emergency response guide to be placed on the fridge.

Write your kid's allergy and medical conditions on the front page of the book.
Stick this magnet on the fridge and write your home address so the kids can read it to the emergency hotline operator.

If you feel you need this book (and I highly recommend it) to teach your kids how to respond emergencies, feel free to visit their website or send them an e-mail at

I hope Toby helped you know more about responding to emergencies!

Visit their social media channels too:

I hope this post is informative. Have you come across Toby the Teddy before? How did you like it?



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