Kalui: The Lunch Experience!

Because my husband and I loved our KaLui dinner experience to bits, we decided to place a reservation to eat lunch there on our final day at Palawan. We wanted to explore their menu more and to also compare the dining experience between eating lunch and dinner.

The striking difference I noticed upon entering KaLui in the daytime is its vibrancy. Because of the presence of natural light, I was able to appreciate more the paintings, textiles, and the colourful art pieces of the restaurant which I never noticed before. I reckon lunch dates in KaLui are more appropriate for family gatherings and team meetings because of the liveliness exuded by the place. On the other hand, dinners at KaLui are more appropriate for romantic dates (see my KaLui Dinner Review here).

Lovely morning to eat brunch!
Paper lanterns
The centerpiece
Clean and fresh design
During our second visit, we decided to eat on the floor or papag as I prefer to call it. We also ordered the Kalui Special of the Day Set (PhP 435.00) which contains a variety of viands for us to enjoy. The set meal, although said to be big enough for a family, is only good for two. I don’t think it is big enough for an entire family, especially if you have a husband who has a big appetite like mine.  

Our dining table
Lovely table arrangements
We'll be having the Kalui Special of the Day Set please...

After eating our meal, they gave us yet again another free fresh fruit bowl! If you love free fresh fruit bowls like me, this would be the best place to go to. Honestly, I don’t know any other restaurant which gives free fresh fruit bowls (ha!).

Thanks KaLui!

Another watermelon-papaya-banana bowl!
After eating, we roamed around the back of the restaurant where we witnessed an Art Exhibit entitled,  Colors of Palawan. All the paintings showcased were created by Palawan artists in celebration of the February Arts Month. We love the paintings and we love even more the fact that KaLui does what it can to allow travelers like us to appreciate the talents of Palawan local artists. 

Chillin' with the paintings

Aside from the Art Exhibit, they also have a store at the back featuring locally-made products such as handbags, hand-painted cloths, foodstuff, lamps, and many more! I was definitely tempted to buy the bag as my parting gift from Palawan. 

All in all, I would rate my lunch experience 4 out of 5 free fruit bowls! I definitely enjoyed my first visit more because I’ve always been a sucker for the feel of dinner dates than regular lunches. However, I would still definitely recommend KaLui to any traveller willing to eat yummy food in a cool, barefoot-loving place. Definitely a must visit!

Lots of love,


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