Our Palawan Subterranean River Adventure with N2Zone!

Earlier this year, my husband and I planned a trip to the Subterranean river in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. As advised by a friend who is a Palawan local, it would be better if we get a travel agency to reserve a Subterranean cruise instead of heading out to Palawan unplanned. 

According to him, there is a quota on the number of people who can go in the underground river per day (approximately 900 tourists), so it would be best to make reservations beforehand. I heeded his advice and contacted my trusty travel agency, N2Zone Travel Management Consultancy. 

N2Zone is a travel agency I’ve been working with for quite a while now. They’ve helped me book and plan my trip to Singapore in 2013 and have created an amazing job doing so. They helped me get a stress-free Universal Studios and Sentosa Island touring experience as well as ride the famous Cable car of Sentosa island. This year, I entrusted to them my Palawan trip, and their performance did not disappoint.

Our trip to Palawan, as well as the reservation to visit the Subterranean river, was well-planned and smooth-sailing.  We were picked up by our tour guide from our hotel at 7 am and we rode a van shared with 6 other travelers from Poland, USA, and Manila. Our tour guide, Peter, shared much information about the history of Palawan and gave an introduction on what we would be expecting from our tour of the underground river. 

Our road trip was approximately 2 hours and we were able to witness much of the terrain and flora of Palawan along the way. Upon arriving at the port, Peter took care of our transfer to the bangka (a mini boat), which brought us to the location of the Subterranean river.  

Pre-subterranean river tour shot with our tour group
The view from the Port.
Selfie with the Public Information center behind us
Waiting for our bangka.
Inside the bangka with life vests on
Selfie with our bangka driver
Sailing the calm waters of Palawan.
We're close to the shore!
Selfie with this iconic Palawan rock formation. This marks our arrival in the Subterranean river entrance.
Lovely sand! Just had to remove my slippers...

After docking ashore, we walked a few meters to the next bangka which would bring us to the insides of the cave. I will, however, reserve the images I took inside the cave and let you see the breathtaking views for yourself when you visit Palawan! Honestly, my camera wasn't good enough to capture the beauty of the stalactite and stalagmite formations inside the cave. I would recommend you visit the place to see all the wondrous formations yourself.

Post-tour shot. This hardhat reminds me of Bob the Builder.
All in all, the trip was a breeze and I experienced so much of the beautiful Palawan worry and hassle-free. The cost of visiting this place is approximately P1,800.00/pax (A$ 50) which includes air-conditioned transfers, entrance fee, and a lunch buffet! Totally worth it! By the way, they also allow you to tour the area on foot and check out wild monkeys and huge lizards! Sweet!

My close encounter with a wild monkey!

Until I see you again oh beautiful Palawan!
Thank you so much N2Zone for helping me plan this amazing trip! Will definitely contact you to help me with future travels!

Learn more about N2Zone by visiting their Facebook page, n2z1travel today!!! 

Love always,

Note: This is an unsponsored post. I paid for everything I plugged in here. xx


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