A Whimsical Lunch at Leona Art's, Maginhawa

One day, on a whim, I turned the wheel to a reclusive restaurant known to be one of Maginhawa, Quezon City's hidden gems.


Location: 45 Matimtiman Street, Quezon City

Budget: PhP 200 - 250 per head

Must-try: Chicken and pesto pasta
Ambiance:  artsy and homey
Service:Just right

Comfort Room: clean

Parking: roadside

Maginhawa street in Quezon City has been quite popular nowadays for their numerous eat spots. Driving along this long stretch, one would be bombarded with tons of choices from Japanese, American, Italian, Filipino, and Korean food types. 

I live near this area so I've tried a lot of the many restaurants in Teacher's village and among my most favorite restaurants include the Leona Art Restaurant.

The Leona Art Restaurant is not exactly located in Maginhawa. You have to turn to Matimtiman street from Maginhawa to get to this place. I actually learned about this, not through my own efforts, but through the recommendation of my brother who has a knack of looking for hidden gems such as this place.

The post-modern interior of Leona is quite homey. Its combination of artsy pieces and mementos from different era and locations all over the world give it a secret hideaway feel.


The entrance door

A shelf containing various art trinkets and products sold at the resto

The homey feel of Leona Art

We arrived at the restaurant just in time for lunch. Although they had an awesome pizza deal (i.e. 3 pizzas for Php499), we decided to order individual meals from their highly informative menu.

Take 3 Pizza promo: Three Chees + Pepperoni + Pizza of your choice for only Php 499.00!

Sample of the insides of their menu
Menu tidbits about the Tomato

Menu tidbits about the Basil

For lunch we ordered Chicken and Pesto pasta, Sicilian Sausage, and Mozzarella chicken. I ordered the pasta and it was delicious! I didn't really plan on creating any restaurant reviews but when I tasted this, I knew I just had to make one so I could recommend it to friends. 

The Chicken and Pesto pasta has the right mix of pesto sauce, parmesan cheese, Al Dente pasta, and grilled chicken strips. The taste is neither too salty nor too spicy and the chicken is grilled to perfection. It also has toast on the side. My brother and husband ordered the other two meals and they mentioned that both taste awesome. We all finished our meals and without leftovers.

Chicken and Pesto (Php 165.00)

Sicilian Sausage (Php 160.00)

Mozzarella Chicken (Php 180.00)

Peach flavored Sola Iced Tea (Php 50.00)

I recommend this restaurant for the following points:
  • Awesome and delectable food aside from the 3 pizzas for Php 499 promo which is definitely affordable!
  • Homey interiors and fit for barkada meet-ups and friendly dates.
  • Not crowded
  • Affordable
  • Accessible from  Maginhawa street
I hope you pass by the Maginhawa area to try this place out for the first time (or again if you have visited it before). I'm pretty sure we will. :) My hubby and I rate it 4 promo pizza slices out of a possible 5!

For reservations and other inquiries, feel free to call them at 929-7490 or 400-7894.



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