Bestie Bonding at the BDJ BFF Crafts Night and Campus BDJ launch

It's June and pretty much time for school, especially for a handful of junior Bellas! Aren't you excited? BDJ is also excited for you that they have launched the new Campus BDJ for school year 2014-2015.

Last May, I was invited, together with my BFF Beryl, to join in the Campus BDJ Launch held at Fully Booked in BGC. It was my first time to attend an event that catered to best friends so this got me really excited. 

Launching of the new Campus BDJ for SY 2014-2015 (P368.00)

I arrived at the venue quite earlier than expected and simply hung out at the store while also waiting for my bestie to arrive. While checking out Fully Booked merchandise, I got to see my fave Limited Edition V for Vendetta comic book with free mask that I really wanted to get but I'm afraid it won't fit in my luggage anymore when I fly back to Oz. For those who are fans of V, get yours here at Fully Booked!

The long line of early birds

Me! Thanks to Ate Joey Bayan for this shot.

At last my best friend, Beryl, arrived.
The venue was opened at exactly 6 pm and the first 50 people to arrive got a free pair of bedroom slippers from Bedroom Athletics. It is a brand from Europe and I bet it will be useful only in air conditioned rooms or in the rainy season here in the Philippines. I was excited when I got my pair because I knew it would be handy when I go back to Australia. 

Luckily, all participants we're able to receive a pair and I believe there were even 2 extra male size 9 bedroom slippers which were not taken. Aside from this, if bellas chose to buy 2 Campus BDJs, they would get a Salvatos slipper (Php 900) for free! Last I checked, you could still get free Salvatos if you buy 2 Campus BDJs at their online store!

The emcee for the night was VJ Karen Bordador of RX 93.1. It was my first time to know who she was and she's really nice, tan, and pretty. 

Sewing my Monster Plushie

Our guest speaker and Monster Plushie workshop master is no other than the pioneer of ShopArtWine, Beam Marciano! I've heard of ShopArtWine a number of times and I believe I've bought a lot of arts and crafts stuff from their store when I was younger.

Beam Marciano, the creator of ShopArtWine

Beam is ultimately nice and her personality is a breath of fresh air. She discussed all the details on how to make our very own Monster Plushie in a fun and charming demeanor. It was my first time to create a monster plushie so I moved quite slowly. However, Beam was very patient with us and even gave lots of tips on how to design our little monsters.

For the first step, I decided to sew my cloth together via blanket stitch (running stitch may also be used) without closing it fully. After that I sewed in the design. Since it's summer and its really hot outside, I decided to create a Monster in a bikini, para hindi siya mainitan. I wasn't able to really finish making my monster because I ran out of time. At least, Beryl and I have started something.

The tools for monster plushie making

Getting the thread in the eye of the needle

Still getting the thread in the eye of the needle

Our unfinished pink and green monsters

Some stitch savvy bellas finished just in time and the best ones got free Salvatos slippers! Hooray for them!

Beam holds a plushie I so love - it's Lady Gaga inspired.

Beam holds up the winning plushies while Karen prepares to distribute the Salvatos.

Hooray for the winners!

Aside from these, there was another game sponsored by Goody called the hair flip contest. Besties who showed the best hair flip will win Stuff from goody. There was also a raffle wherein bellas won prizes from the event's sponsors. 

Goody and Canon hair flip winners!

Our stomachs were also filled with unli donuts from J.Co and CBTL. They even made us take home a Box full of J.Co donuts and yummy oatmeal cookies!!!


Each bella was given a J.Co box of assorted donuts to take home.

We were also given cookies to take away.

To forever remember this day of friendship, my bestie and I took a shot at the Canon photo booth where we could take unlimited shots of ourselves and with other Bellas. 

The Canon booth

A picture with Beam and Beryl

Us with Karen

With a dear friend, Kamila

With the awesome Joey!

Once again, thank you Belle de Jour for a fantastic Campus BDJ launch! 

With Darlyn Ty of Belle de Jour Power Planner

For those interested to get a Campus BDJ, grab in bookstores near you or order them online through for only Php 368.00 today!



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