10 Aussie Insta-brands I'm Loving Right Now!!! (Part 1)

I'll admit it. I'm an Instagram addict. Ever since I got on bed rest earlier this year due to a high risk pregnancy, I've been hooked on activities that required minimum effort to enjoy... and that includes scrolling through social media. 

I've come to love Instagram the best because of its easy usability. Plus the giveaways that come too often don't hurt as well.

Now that I'm a stay-at-home mom and still breastfeeding my Bub 24/7, browsing Ig, blogging, or reading books are still my top hobbies.

Thankfully, all my browsing was not put to waste because I've come to discover and love local handmade Aussie businesses that are now making waves on Instagram!!!

Here are the first 5 brands (out of 10) that I'm loving right now (not in any specific order):

1. Fat Mango

Imagine being able to birth a brand from regular Sunday Craft hours with friends! This is how Em and Rik started - the pioneers of the Fat Mango store.

Fat Mango was born in Bordertown, South Australia. Starting from one brand, they have now become stockists and supporters of 45 brands! How cool is that?! All these brands are sold via their website and pop-up shops. 

I first saw their handmade pouches in the Instagram search section and I'm like "That's cute!" followed by an instant click of their "like" button. Afterwards, I just followed them, joined their giveaways, and won in their contest! The following shots are pictures of my prize and more. Em and Rik were just so generous they even gave me a bonus of 2 hair ties with my prize. Thanks girls!

I got 2 sets of earrings and a mini purse from their collection. The earrings were made of clay and had funky and unique geometric designs. The size range is from 5-10 mm.

On the other hand, the artsy purse was hand painted and had a lovely neon, abstract design to it. It had plastic outer lining to prevent damage on the art and cloth aside from neon stitching, checkered inner design, and a velcro snap to close the pouch. The size is 11x17 cm.

I just love this pouch and many of their other creations! Check out their website for more attractive and unique hand-painted pouches.

My fave hand-painted mini purse!

The clasps of the earrings.
To see more of Fat Mango's creations, together with all the products of the brands they have collaborated with, visit their media sites below:

Instagram account: @fat.mango 

2. Goodiis

Goodiis is a Melbourne-based brand that supplies plush toys and crafts in Australia and around the globe. It was created by Maria who is a crafter at heart and a strong supporter of handmade goods. Her love for fabric and clay has allowed her to create unique plush toys and jewellery that are bright and eclectic.

When I first contacted Maria, I swear she's one of the nicest business owners I've exchanged messages with. Her lovely personality has really gotten me all the more interested with her products.

I got from her 4 pieces of uniquely-designed, handcrafted jewellery. The beads were a mix of polymer clay and wood while the necklace string was made of durable leather. 

Handcrafted, colorful clay beads.

What I love from her necklaces is that the designs are versatile and can be paired with numerous outfits! Her creations have inspired me to give more effort in mixing and matching my outfits and accessories. Honestly, I prefer comfort over style any day but I'm glad I have these necklaces to put some zest to my outfits! Check out my picture while rockin' one of her necklaces.

To know more about Goodiis and Maria's handmade products, check out her business pages below:

Website: http://www.goodiis.com
Instagram account: @goodiis_workshop
Google Plus: +Goodiis 

3. Made by Dannii

Made by Dannii is a brand that sells handmade headties, bibs, teething toys, taggie blankets, burp cloths, glass stud earrings, Geo wooden necklaces, apliqued singlets, shirts, and leggings, flexi shorts, seaside dresses, and customized clothes for your little bub.

They use designer fabric for most of their products and fits a stylish bub perfectly!

Loving this Geometric Fox Design!

My bub got the Foxes Bib and Teether from their store. The cloth on both products are made from 100% designer cotton fabric (geometric fox design) with an organic bamboo double terry toweling in the back for extra absorbency. 

Organic Bamboo double terry toweling at the back for extra absorbency.

I got these when my son was size 00 and I reckon the bib fits size 0000 to 00 perfectly. 

Double snaps for easier size adjustment.

The teething ring is made of a 65 mm organic beech wooden ring finished with a mixture of beeswax and olive oil.

The ring made of organic beech wood.

The teething ring was something my little Yo loved from the start. Check out his picture here munching away!

Yo enjoying his teether.

To know more about the products of Made by Dannii, visit their pages here:

Website: http://madebydannii.bigcartel.com/
Instagram account: @made_by_dannii
Facebook page: Made by Dannii

4. All Yours Designs

All yours designs originated in Adelaide and they sell handmade necklaces, earrings, and jewellery bowls.

The first time I visited their website, I immediately fell in love with their necklaces and jewellery bows. I got the copper and black jewellery bowls as featured in this post.

Copper and black jewellery bowls.

These jewellery bowls are handmade and have unique and distinct patterns from each other. The jewellery bowls are best suited for placing necklaces and bracelets. Aside from these, I also put in my watch and prayer beads. The smaller one, on the other hand, which measures 6 cm across and 1 cm deep is perfect for putting rings and earrings.

To check more of All Yours Designs' products (especially those lovely necklaces!), click these links to their pages:

Website: http://www.allyoursdesigns.bigcartel.com/
Instagram account: @allyoursdesigns

5. The Joy of Soy

The Joy of Soy is a Perth-born brand that offers Handcrafted Soy candles. 

Upon arriving in Australia, I have noticed the love of Aussie locals for candles and scents. Immediately I got curious about these soy candles and I knew I had to have one! 

At first I did not know the difference between soy and paraffin candles. Why do people like soy more than paraffin? Apparently, soy candles are biodegradable, provides a cleaner burn, and both the scent and wax last longer than those of paraffin candles. 

To try out more scents for myself, I got three different candles from The Joy of Soy - Coral Reef, Natures Sandalwood, and Autumn Harvest.

The Coral Reef candle has a relaxing aqua color. It is a mix of various scents such as Persian lime, grapefruit, and mango. Black currant is also mixed in, together with nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon to add warmth and spirit.

The Autumn Harvest combined the spices of clove, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg topped with the scents of lemon zest and orange.

The candle cover is made of wood with an exquisite carved design.

Elegant wood-carved candle cover.

My final pick, the Natures Sandalwood, was a mix of warm amber, smooth woods, vanilla, bergamot, orchid, and jasmine. This was actually my favorite because of its soft, flowery scent because of the combination of vanilla and jasmine.

I got the cute size for all candles so they all burn for approximately 15+ hours. Some of the candles also had Warning and Burning Instructions at the bottom (these can also be found in their website). All candles were in glass containers to avoid accidental burning.

The Joy of Soy also does customized designs for special events and occasions! If you have an event coming, this could be your giveaway! Visit their pages to know more of their other scents and offers!

Instagram account: @thejoyofsoy

Thank you so much to all these brands for creating wonderful local and handmade items and for initiating giveaways so that we would get to know your products better! 

Thank you too dear reader for checking out this post. I hope you join me in advocating for local and handmade goods! 

Let's now head on to my next 5 brands! Enjoy! 


Note: This post was not paid for by any of the brands.


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