10 Aussie Insta-brands I'm Loving Right Now!!! (Part 2)

Today, I'm posting the next 5! And we're starting with... 

1. Minimalist Jewellery

The Minimalist Jewellery sells simple yet elegant jewellery that creates a sleek and classy finish for any wardrobe. Their pieces can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion. This brand was created by Amelia Crumpton from Tasmania... and she is also one of the nicest brand owners I was able to chat with!

I got the Rose Gold Linear bar studs and these Gold square (pyramidal?) studs. I'm more of a "gold" type of girl because it matches my warm skin tone. Also, Rose gold and copper became hot a few months ago so I jumped into the bandwagon and got me some Rose gold bars!

I reckon Amelia's brand became popular for her bar studs and her double ballin' bangles. I honestly agree with everyone when they say they love her bar studs. I do too! I'm actually wearing them as I write this post.

My rose gold earrings are matchy matchy with my rose gold watch.

To check out more of Amelia's creations (and her bangles which are not in my post), check out her pages below:

Instagram account: @minimalist.jewellery

Minimalist Jewellery x Fat Mango flatlay.

2. One Beautiful Thing

When my One Beautiful Thing art print arrived in my mail, I was like, "This was the first time I received anything cylindrical in the mail!" (pertaining to art print containers). 

I gently removed the print like a curator receiving new paintings in a museum. Seriously, the experience for me was glorious. I think I am a frustrated curator and journalist in one. Lol!

One Beautiful Thing is an online boutique of abstract art and unique homewares. It was created by Louise Brook in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Louise is a self-taught visual artist who has a penchant for creating abstract art and for restoring vintage furniture to create eye-catching pieces suitable for the modern home. 

I got from her a piece called "Smoke and Mirrors" which was freshly created this 2015 using ink and acrylic medium. 

I honestly wanted to have this art piece framed ASAP!

Speaking of interior decor, Louise has a gallery of all her restored furniture in her website in case you're looking for some inspiration. 

Louise's insignia.
Get inspired with her abstract yet bright and eye-catching original paintings as well as her furniture restoration projects on her website (link below): 

Instagram account: @onebeautifulthing34

3. KiHu Soy Candles

KiHu was the first ever handmade, local brand I came across in Australia. I actually learned about them through a giveaway where I got this candle. 

I am actually so thrilled that their brand originated in Rockingham/Baldivis area which is near my place! I just love it when I get to meet almost-neighbors who are doing handmade businesses.

I got from her a "Silver and Black" candle which regularly costs $20. It comes in a 200 mL black glass container with a mirror silver sealed lid. The candle is made of white 100% natural soy wax mixed with the most fragrant and lasting of scents. 

The scent that I got is the Jasmine + Honeysuckle and it is divine! I reckon many love this scent as well based on their Ig feedback. 

It gives a subtle flowery scent yet is sweet and mild. The approximate burn time of this candle is 30 hours.

If you would like to see more of KiHu's affordable and long-lasting soy candle products or check out their candle care tips, click on the media page links I posted below:

Instagram account: @kihu_candles

4. Milla and Me

And I would like to present to you another awesome brand from the lovely City of Perth - Milla and Me!

This brand was created by Erin after the birth of her daughter, Milla, in 2013. In search of the perfect work-life balance, she started making handmade baby's and children's wear and accessories while taking care of her little bub.

Honestly, I find stories about mums who try their best to create work-life balance very inspiring. Likewise, I want to have the same in mine. 

I got from Milla & Me this head wrap. I liked the color because it's just relaxed and goes well with my jeans and pastel shirts. 

This head wrap regularly sells for $20 but as I said, I got it from an Ig giveaway. It is an adult size wrap and about 150 cm in length.

Having this funky headband also made me experiment on different styles on how to wrap it (Thanks YouTube!). Check out the knots I was able to do. 

If you're interested to get some wraps for yourself and for your little girl, visit Milla and Me today! 

Instagram account: @milla_and_me

5. You are My Sunshine Gifts

So there's this hype in Manila about teething necklaces that erupted a few months ago and I'm so glad we have a lot of women selling handmade teething necklaces in Australia as well. This necklace from You are My Sunshine gifts is the first I've tried and I love it heaps!

Now that my little bubba is teething, I'm just so excited to know that now, I can wear necklaces that can be chewed safely by my son!

You are My Sunshine's necklaces are made of 100% non-toxic silicone and natural wooden beads. These beads are approved by FDA and have passed their food grade standards as well as Australian toxicity standards. The beads contain no phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead, or latex.

I also love the safety clasp of the necklace because it doesn't have sharp or pointy edges to it and it has a break-away safety feature which allows the clasp to unfasten when put on too much pressure (i.e. pull of a baby).

The necklaces are also easy to clean. Just use warm soapy water and allow it to dry naturally. The silicone does not support bacteria or mould/mold growth as stated in their website.

I remember getting a lot of positive feedback when I wear this necklace in public. And I receive a little bit more when I tell them it's a teething necklace. 

If you're a mum with a teething bub and you're looking for some of these types of necklaces, head on over to You are My Sunshine's website today! 

Instagram account: @youaremysunshinegiftshandmade


Those were all my newfound local, handmade Aussie insta-businesses! I hope you enjoyed learning about them as much as I did trying their products and writing about them!

I hope to get to know more businesses to feature here in my blog. If there is any particular item you want me to look for, please feel free to comment below.

And remember, support local! Buy Australian made!



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