Celebrate Mother's Day with Circa Home!!! (Free Gratitude Wallpapersand Postcard)

My review of the Limited Edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood Collection brought to you by Nuffnang and Circa Home.

For the past days, I have been contemplating on crafting my own Gratitude Journal. Honestly, being a full time wife and parent is not as easy as it seems to be. A few days ago, I shared my feelings with my husband and he suggested for me to make a Gratitude Journal.

It is actually a delightful coincidence that Nuffnang introduced me to a brand that would help me get back to becoming a more grateful woman. For this post, I will be doing a review of their Limited Edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood collection. But first, let me share with you a little bit about the proud Aussie brand, Circa Home.


Circa Home exists to help people cherish memories they've shared with people they love and care about. They create products with fragrant scents to provide the perfect background for a comfortable and harmonious quality time at home. They aim to rejuvenate a tired soul and revive it for another beautiful day.

The core products of Circa Home include Soy wax candles and melts, fragrance diffusers, hand washes, and electric warmers. All of which are Australian made.


The Honeyflower & Sandalwood collection is a part of the Circa Home Gratitude Collection and is just as warm and inviting as a hug from mum! It provides the perfect blend of Honeyflower and Sandalwood cooled by fresh Cucumber and Vanilla. 

The candle itself is handcrafted in Australia using natural soy wax, high quality fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. It's scent strength is level 3 out of 5 and is neither too mild nor too intense. Both the glass jar and packaging are 100% recyclable and environment friendly.

The Fragrance profile of this collection is as follows:
Top: Dewy Cucumber and Light musk
Middle: Red rose, Honeyflowers, and Osmanthus
Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Patchouli 


As I write on my Gratitude journal with my Sandalwood candle lit, I am reminded of my biggest blessing - my family. I am thankful for the time we spend with each other everyday and I am thankful for the beautiful country that is Australia, our new home. 

I am also thankful for the family I have overseas and my mum who is my pillar of strength. She currently is battling cancer but she keeps hopeful and strong, always trying to focus on how life is beautiful despite the struggles she is facing daily. I love you mum!

I reckon it is refreshing to ask ourselves everyday what we are thankful for. I know we all are blessed even in the littlest ways. How about you? What are you thankful for? 


Since Mother's day is coming up, Circa Home would like to give you and your mum something to be even more thankful for! Join their Mother's Day competition for a chance to win the newly released Limited Edition Mother's Day Collection that is as warm and inviting as mum's hugs! If you win, you will be receiving 2 of the following (Total of AU$251.60)! Click on the product links or pictures below for a more detailed description of each item

Join the Circa Home Mother's Day competition by clicking this link now!

And since Circa Home wants you to always feel grateful, here are some free wallpapers and a postcard they have provided for download. You can print them or set them as a wallpaper so you will always be reminded of how blessed you are!

A Beautiful free downloadable wallpaper from Circa Home.

To know more about the awesome brand that is Circa Home, here are the links to their website and social media accounts:

Circa Home Website: http://www.circahome.com.au/



Note: Some photos are from Circa Home and Nuffnang Australia. Although the products featured in this post are gifted, the comments and reviews are my own. xx


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