Let Your Kids Think and Create with Bunchems!!!

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Bunchems! The first time I saw them in the shops, I did not know what they actually were. I thought they were like spherical Legos but they are actually quite different in many ways. I collaborated with Nuffnang and Funtastic to bring you this review and I'm glad I did to learn more about this constructive toy set.

Bunchems is a brand that encourages the young and young at heart to let their imagination soar! Their aim is to combine construction and craft together to allow kids to expand their minds by creating shapes, animals, and basically anything with the Bunchems furry spheres. With all the colors and creative pieces included in the Bunchems Mega pack, kids will have hours and hours of exciting and creative fun!

Back portion of the Bunchems Mega Pack box.

Contents of a Bunchem Mega Pack.

What's inside the box?!

So what sets these furry balls apart from other toys?

1.  Magic Stick! These furry balls stick together without the use of glue and other adhesives therefore avoiding mess in the play area.
2. Endless Creations. With the Bunchems, there are infinite possibilities to what you can create! They are also reusable so you can create a million things from a single set pack.
3. Fiddle Factor. Bunchems are different from what kids are used to playing with. If they're bored of the usual hard toys or plushies, then this will give them a different sensation. Furry "burr" feeling is what we would call it!
4. Creative play. Toys that facilitate creative play is my priority as a mum! This set encourages creativity and innovation from kids! If you can think it, you can create it!

What can you create?

Since my son is only a toddler, the shapes I created for him were only basic ones that he could identify. Also, because Bunchems come in different colours, this would help him become more familiar with basic colours.

Making basic shapes with Bunchems.

I also created a Bunchem Hoot to look like his favorite character from Giggle and Hoot!

Our little Bunchem Hoot!!!

What is my Fave Bunchem creation?

Personally, my fave is the unicorn and flowers in a vase from the instructional insert. I plan to make those with my son one day. But for now, we'll settle with circles and squares.

An instruction booklet comes inside every Bunchem Mega Pack.

Advise for Parents

Mums and Dads, always remember to supervise your kids, especially toddlers, when playing with Bunchems. These toys are ideally for preschool age kids I reckon. My son is still a toddler and I keep an eye on him while playing with this because Bunchems has a lot of small parts that he could ingest. 

Little Yo can't take his hands off these Bunchems!!!

Aside from that, Bunchems can also get stuck to our kid's hair. I hear some parents worry about this so I'm posting a video below on how to get Bunchems out of their hair. Just take a deep breath, don't panic, and grab a bottle of conditioner! 

Need to get Bunchems out of your kid's hair? Click this link

If you would like to try Bunchems out for yourself or for your kids, you can purchase it from your nearest Big W or you may click this link to buy it online today!

Remember that if you can think it, you can create it with Bunchems!



Note: Although the products featured in this post are gifted, the comments and reviews are my own. xx


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