7 Benefits of Living the Natural (or Organic) Lifestyle

The beginning of 2017 marked a more serious approach for me to try the natural or organic lifestyle. 

If you would recall from my posts in 2016, I learned that I have Endometriosis (aka Endo) which is a disease that may not have a cure but can be mitigated with lifestyle change.

Because of this, I decided to change how I live my life - the food I eat, my meditation practices, my exercise routine, and even the products we use at home, including soaps.

The Family Hub Australia offers affordable organic personal and home care products. These products are handmade and locally sourced in Perth, Australia.

My search for local sources of organic food and personal/home care products led me to find fantastic small businesses that have the same passion for holistic family health as I do. 

Based on my lifestyle change journey, I decided to write what I learned and what 2 months of lessening junk intake and taking real good care of myself and my family has done for me. 

Here are the 7 benefits of living the natural (if not organic) lifestyle.

1. Disease prevention and palliation

Like I said, Endo has no cure and it is notoriously known to cause pains in the lower abdomen, dysmenorrhea (really painful menstruation), and infertility. 

Women who have the advanced form of the disease may not be able to work and may even be bed-ridden due to severe pain that can hardly be controlled by pain medications.

My lifestyle change includes meditation and relaxation and this organic calm balm has the essential oils of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Patchouli, Lavender, and Sweet orange. Some of these oils are known to help alleviate pain and anxiety naturally for Endo patients. 

After my lifestyle and diet change, I haven't had abdominal pains since December 2016 which is a pretty big thing for me!

2. Safe for the Environment

The less pesticides used on plants, antibiotics/growth hormones used on animals, and the less chemicals dumped in our waters - the better! 

Bombarding our environment with chemicals and wastes can benefit no one in the long term. It robs us and our children of a healthy and safe future.  

Using the Family Hub Australia laundry powder for our washing and it is as effective as the chemically-packed detergents in groceries and shops.

The Family Hub laundry powder is strong enough that 1 heaping scoop is enough to wash a big load of laundry!!! I am amazed with this powder!!!

With those things in mind, choosing to use more natural and organic products lessens our generation's harmful impact on the world and on the quality of life of future generations. 

Honestly, I thought it would be hard to go natural/organic because the products might not be effective or they might be too pricey, but I learned that these fears are unfounded.

There are natural products that are as affordable and as effective as the products in your local grocery but have better effects for your family's health and safer for the environment.

Instead of using disposable ziplock plastic bags, we decided to use organic beeswax food wrap sets to pack our sandwiches or reusable sandwich containers.

3. Made me Happier and Less Stressed

I find that using only the good stuff for me and my family gave me more confidence as a wife and mother and made me a happier mum. 

Knowing that I'm doing my best with the knowledge and abilities I have definitely contributes to a healthier mental well-being. 

Made of saponified organic oils and butters of olive, coconut, castor, shea, sweet almond, avocado unsaponified oils of olive and sweet almond, and various essential oils.
I realised that when I embraced the "fast" lifestyle in my younger years, I have lowered the quality of my living standards. 

Instead of eating a healthy breakfast, I would just drink a cup of choco/coffee and bolt to work because I was always in a hurry. I think that with everything that's happening to my body, it's time I slowed things down a bit and give my body the good treatment it deserves. 

This lifestyle is a personal choice and I am not pushing it on everyone because our lifestyle choices are all unique. But it works for me and makes me happy and less worried for my family's future, safety, and health. 

4. Made me more Creative 

When I started my lifestyle change, I had no idea about organic gardening, how to prepare more nutritious food, superfoods, and many more! 

Choosing to do this lifestyle made me open to reading more about health and wellness and how food and the daily products we use contribute greatly to our family's health. Now, I have learned to create healthier alternatives to my fave Maccas Big Breakfast meal.

Banana smoothie bowl topped with Chia seeds, bananas, gluten-free Weetbix, Coconut chips, and Walnuts.

5. Better Support for Local Farmers and Businesses

If you are looking for organic and natural products, chances are you will look into buying from small businesses or brands near you or within your city. 

In my opinion, the more you buy from locally catering businesses, the less chemicals they use or the fresher the produce is when it reaches you. 

Imagine buying your food from international brands and note the length of time it reached your country from its origin country - that would have been a month or longer! 

I would presume that this means that the food you are buying is highly processed, has tons of preservatives, and has almost no nutritional value even if it tastes good.

By doing this lifestyle, I buy some of our fruits and veggies from local organic farmers and also buy our personal care and home products from natural/organic businesses here in Perth. Buy Australian made!

Organic veggie box bought from organic farmers in Perth.

Some of our Personal Care and All-Natural Cleaning products are from The Family Hub which is a small business in Perth.

6. Developed my palate to love Natural Flavours

Ever since I changed parts of my diet (curse you cravings and cheat days!), I realised that my palate has become accustomed to less salty or less sweet food products. I got used to eating mildly bitter veggies and sour fruits too. 

Aside from these, I also crave to prepare more colorful dishes with fruits and veggies instead of the usual burgers and fried food. I always keep in mind what Jamie Oliver said that the more colorful it is, the better! 

Apples anyone?! :)

7. Better self control

I admit that doing green juicing is one of the hardest talents I had to develop. Although I still have missed days of green juicing, I find that the longer I practice it, the easier it is for me to do it again.

Another conscious decision is eating less fast food and visiting more local restaurants that offer healthier alternatives.

Kale and apple juice. Cheers!!!


Those are the benefits I have noticed for the past 2 months and I hope I get to see more benefits in the future, especially with my battle against Endo!

Have you tried doing any lifestyle changes before? How did it go? Hit me up in the comments! xx



Brands we have tried so far to go more natural/organic:

Note: The products from The Family Hub Australia featured here are gifted but these do not affect my opinions in this post. All content are 100% mine. xx 


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