Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

I would like to do a quick post basically to greet you and share the simple Valentine's activities we've been doing at home in case you're looking for some inspo on what to do with the kids this Valentine's week. 

Valentine's Sensory bottle.

I personally love doing arts and crafts when there's an occasion or particular holiday, like what we did last Christmas, to teach my son about the culture and norms surrounding that particular holiday.

So here are the activities we've been doing.

1. Valentine's Sensory Bottle

I created this bottled as inspired by Twinkl and it is super easy and quick to do! 

Glitters and heart ornaments inside our Valentine's Sensory bottle.

First, fill in half of the bottle with water and add a few drops of your desired food coloring. In my case, I chose red for Valentine's. Next, fill the other half with baby oil. The last step is putting in heart ornaments and anything small that reminds you of Valentine's.

We glued a heart on top of the bottle.

Shaking the sensory bottle

I personally did most of this while my son watched as I dropped in the food coloring but he helped put some ornaments in too. 

2. Valentine's card with Heart Designs

This is another super easy activity as inspired by my dear blogger friend Tory from Minted Rogue

Making Heart prints on a card using recycled tissue paper cardboards.

To make the heart prints, recycle a tissue roll cardboard and pinch the bottom to make the heart tail and indent the top to make the top of the heart. Get a poster paint or food coloring and dab the cardboard on it then stamp the cardboard on to your desired paper or card. 

We loved doing this activity because it is messy and my toddler loves mess. Also, my husband loved the card so much too so it's a win-win-win for all of us!

3. Food Crafts and Baking

What is a Valentine's celebration without eating something that reminds you of love? So for our little kitchen date, my toddler and I created a no-bake Mystery chocolate mousse with Strawberries on top.

No-bake Avo and Banana Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries on top.

I got this recipe from Healthy Mummy and it has avocados and bananas blended with the Chocolate mousse to sneak in some healthy stuff for my toddler. 

I would like to be honest and tell you that he tasted the Avocados despite the heaps of chocolate it is hidden in. It is so hard to feed my toddler Avos and greens so I need to work on combating my child's ninja skills in locating non-sweet fruits and veggies I hide in his food. He ate the strawberries though.

Thankfully, my husband likes it but suggests I put in less chocolate. Oh well, toddler wants more and husband wants less. Haha!


Those were our quick and easy crafts. Have you been doing some crafts with your kids this Valentine's too? Looking forward to read your comments! xx



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