5 Essential Oils to Melt your Stress away!!!

After being diagnosed with Endometriosis, I researched various medical and natural ways to help alleviate the pain I experienced and to also lower my anxiety. Rather than taking pills as a first option, I always choose to go for the more natural option first. I then take pain meds if the pain is persistent and can hardly be managed naturally.

Relaxing bath soak anyone?

When I was younger, I was taught in uni about the healing powers of Aromatherapy but I didn't take it as seriously as I do now. 

At present, the use of Arometherapy is natural for me and my favorite essential oils help calm me down and reduce my stress and anxiety levels. Whether you have an illness like mine or not, I do think that essential oils help in providing relaxation from a busy day of work, doing chores, and being a parent. 

The use of essential oils through Aromatherapy have given me significant relief to cope with daily stress, tiredness, anxiety, and painIt is also a way of achieving relaxation with less or no harmful chemicals entering your body.

I am elated that the use of essential oils is welcomed and promoted in Australia. This openness has allowed me to try more and more essential oil-based products that are being sold in local markets and small businesses in Perth. Now, I have a stock of scrubs, soaks, and skincare products that are made of natural ingredients, essential oils, free from synthetic chemicals, and are made lovingly by Perth and WA-based small businesses.

Here is a list of my fave essential oils and what I use them for:

1. Lavender

Lavender oil is my most favorite of all essential oils because of its many uses and benefits. It helps to relax me and to reduce my anxiety and perception of pain. I've read that it also has anti-microbial properties. 

Lavender and Rosemary scrub from Handmadeology is one of my faves among their scrubs!!!

It is also anti-inflammatory oil, which is beneficial for women with hormonal imbalance and offers relief for Dysmenorrhea or period pain.

2. Clary Sage

Most women I talk with in my Endometriosis support group swear by the relaxing and calming effects of Clary Sage as well. They often use this in combination with Lavender and just gives the most relaxing bath soak.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is not only good for tea but also good for easing emotional and physical tension and Dysmenorrhea. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. 

A Relaxing bath soak made of Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salt, Australian sea salt, organic Chamomile flower, organic Calendula, Rose petals, and Rose Geranium oil from Handmadeology.

4. Geranium

I love Geranium which has anti-inflammatory properties and is an anti-depressant. 

I wasn't very familiar with this essential oil until I saw it often being mixed with Chamomile. Now, I've grown to love it too.

5. Rose

Roses are among the scents in the world that makes me feel like a queen. Seriously.

I have a facial moisturizing oil from Handmadeology that has roses in it and I love massaging it on my face before I go to sleep.

My favorite Chamomile cleansing grains with the Chamomile and Rose Geranium Nourishing Face oil from Handmadeology.

Rose essential oils also provide relief for emotional and physical tension, is an anti-depressant, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How do you use essential oils for Aromatherapy?

I use my essential oils in various ways such as dropping them in a vapouriser (usually 6 drops of the essential oil), including them in my bath (usually 4-5 drops) and soaks, and mixing them with a carrier oil (usu. Olive oil) for a good massage. Sometimes, I rub it directly on my temples too, especially when I was in a lot of pain after my surgery.

Always remember to get good quality oils that are preferably organically grown.

If you would like to know more about Handmadeology Natural Skincare, I have put all their links below:

Website: www.handmadeology.com.au
Instagram: www.instagram.com/handmadeologynaturalskincare

Do you use essential oils too? What is your favorite relaxing scent?


Note: Handmadeology products featured in this post are gifted but the write-up (including product favorites) is 100% my own. xx


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