5 Important Things to Bring in Playgroups!

Playgroups are a great way for new mums to expose their kids to new friends, experiences, and toys. It is also a great avenue to discover a child's hidden talent because of the wide array of activities the kids are exposed to in playgroups.  

Because we often attend local playgroups, I thought about jotting down a list of things to bring in case you are a new mum who is interested in joining your local playgroup.

1. Bring Appropriate Clothes and Accessories

We often go to outdoor playgroups so must-bring items for us include a jumper (for chilly days), sunnies, hats, and sunscreen on top of the usual contents of our nappy bag.

Summer outdoor playgroup must-have: Hat and Sunscreen! 
We also bring band-aids and a first aid kit in case my son gets a little booboo while playing outside.

2. Bring Snacks

In our playgroup, we were informed by the organiser to bring 1 fruit per child. This is added to a fruit bowl wherein all contents will be prepared and served to the kids at the end of play time.

I personally bring our own snacks and water bottle aside from the fruits to ensure that my son won't go hangry too.

3. Gear depending on Location

Most playgroups that we go to are outdoors and most of us bring picnic blankets or even trikes of our kids when we have play dates.

We bring our fave Carrot Stix snack from Organix as well as a picnic blanket for playground meet-ups.

There's a new playgroup in our local area called Babes + Picnics, which also encourages participants to bring a camera and things for donation. 

Additional things to bring may vary per playgroup and play date so don't be afraid to ask the organiser what you can bring.

4. Bring a Little Bit of Social Skills

Playgroups often need parents to interact with each other, not only the kids, so one should be ready to interact with other parents and have small conversations with them. 

Playgroup is a fun way for the kids to socialize, as well as the parents.
For parents who may feel socially anxious like I do, just relax and don't feel pressured to initiate anything or be the life of the party. Just respond when you are spoken to. It's going to be fine.

5. Bring a Sense of Humor  

No matter what happens during the playgroup or play date, you are bound to learn new things or even make new friends. Just try to enjoy and learn from the experience no matter the outcome.

Just smile and have fun! 

During our first playgroup, we stayed for 2 hours and I watched my son have a meltdown because he was too tired. I realised after this experience that we can only stay for an hour and a half and should leave ASAP to avoid another meltdown.

Playgroups and play dates can be stressful at times but it can also be fun. 

Just a side note for readers from Sydney, Organix will be attending the World's Biggest Playgroup Day on the 29th of March at Tumbalong Park, Sydney! The Organix team hopes to see you there!

Do you like going to playgroups and play dates with your kids?


Note: Organix products featured here are gifted but all opinions are 100% my own. xx


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