My First Meditation Class experience with Exhale Mindfulness studio + First Free Class!!!


The word itself makes me feel sleepy.

I have heard of meditation too many times from my parents and from my teachers but I never seriously paid it any mind because I thought it was... boring.

Recently, I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis and I knew I had to give meditation a second thought. From what I read, stress makes Endo worse. And since I am desperate enough to not have my cysts recur within 6 months, I booked my first free meditation class with Exhale studio in Perth. I thought to myself, "What have I got to lose?"

My first ever Meditation class at Exhale Mindfulness studio, West Perth.

Fast forward to my class day, I came in 2 minutes late because I underestimated my commute time. I came from the library and I thought it would only take me 10 minutes from the Perth City library to West Perth - wrong! It took almost 25 minutes. 

As I went up the studio, I saw the class has already started. My heart was pounding as I slowly and silently slipped inside and found a cushion. At first I was basically trying to catch my breath while whispering "Sorry" to my instructor, Meg. My mind was in absolute chaos and I almost thought I wouldn't be able to achieve my meditation goal for the day.

I should put this to heart. Leave your worries at the door.

The first part is the hardest for me. We were asked to take deep breaths and focus on our breathing alone. As a mum for the last 2 years, I've gotten so used to multi-tasking  - even in my thoughts. "Things to do" come rushing in my head like clockwork and it's almost like having a built-in mental checklist of everything I had to do for the day! 

I never knew that quieting my mind and focusing solely on my breath would be a hard task.

I never knew that focusing on my breath would be one of the hardest things I had to do in under 15 minutes. I was struggling for the  most part of the first half of the class but I kept at it. Slowly, I felt my body cooperating, my heart rate dropping, and my body relaxing itself. In the last 5 minutes, my body had fully cooperated and I was deep into meditation. Then our instructor said to give our extremities a good stretch and that was the end of the class. 

The comfy meditation cushions of Exhale Mindfulness studio.

I wanted the class to keep going (or maybe I just wanted to sleep too) because I absolutely felt relaxed and happy inside. I seriously did not want it to end and I swore I would book another class.

My Realisations 
Near the end of the class, the coach asked us to recall something we loved about the day.

I recall being thankful for the presence of my son and husband, for my healed surgical wounds, and for a lovely spur-of-the-moment hang out I had with bloggers - Sameera and Elizabeth of Dynamique blog

Hanging out with Sameera of Dynamique blog and Elizabeth before my class.

I realised that meditation is not only a physical form of healing and refuge. It is a cradle for the soul. Just as we are physical beings, I also believe we are spiritual beings. And recalling my daily blessings is a form of healing that I'm glad I did during the class.

Meditation is a healthy practice. It was wrong of me to have brushed it aside when I was younger. I realised now that I need it as a concrete act of self-care.

I also realised that I should do meditation more often, even by myself. It is a kindness towards oneself to be able to do that and to give my mind and body the much needed 30-minute break it needs each day.

My Meditation Coach

I enjoyed my class so much that a selfie with the coach is in order. Thanks Meg!

My coach's name was Meg and she was very nice to let me slip in class despite my being late. What I love about her is she has a very solemn tone of voice, which I think is a vital asset to every meditation coach. I loved how she gently guided us through the class, telling us what we should do gradually. Lastly, I loved how she would regularly ask us to refocus on our breathing because I needed reminding A LOT. She was very helpful and accommodating.

My Thoughts on Exhale studio

The first time I entered the studio, I felt relaxed and not intimidated in any way. It was a small and cozy room, able to fit around 10 people comfortably per class. I loved the ambiance, the interior decorating, the meditative background music, and even the natural sound of birds from the window.

Our meditation room.

The general location of the studio is also amazing since it is situated in an area with a park nearby. If you would also like to relax in nature, you may do that after or before the class.

Sit here and listen to the birds chirping. What a relaxing studio!

I also love The Gap cafe near the studio as it allowed me to have a brief date with a yummy caffeine-free beetroot latte after the class.

Yummy Coffee-free Beetroot Latte from The Gap Cafe, West Perth.


I love everything about meditating and I think it made me love myself and my life even more.

I came in with lots of noise in my head and I went out relaxed and at peace.

Thank you Amelia, the owner of Exhale studio, for this wonderful experience and thank you Meg for being a fantastic instructor! See you again soon! 

If you are in Perth and would like to try meditation, check out their website and book your class. Remember, the first one is FREE!


Note: My visit was a free class but all insights in this post are 100% my own. xx


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