A back-to-back travelogue: Mitra's farm / Baker's Hill

Last February, my husband and I decided to do an unplanned city trip and just hire a tricycle to bring us wherever we want to go in Puerto Princesa. Our only must see places for the day were Mitra’s farm and Baker’s Hill - both highly recommended by our Palawanderer friends, Roni and Pauie. Immediately upon exiting our accomodation, Casitas de Az, we were able to rent a tricycle for Php 500 (There are other drivers who offer a half-day trip for only Php 400 too if you're lucky to find them!). The tricycle would bring us to Mitra’s Farm, Baker’s Hill, and back to where we want in the city proper. According to the driver, this would be a half-day trip all in all. At first I thought the trip was too costly, but after the entire experience, I reckon the tricycle cost was just right. Read on to know why.

Mitra's house

Mitra’s farm was our first destination and I assume is a privately owned estate opened to the public. Inside the farm is the Mitra house (private use only), a farm which has lots of freely-roaming horses, a chicken coop, and Rancho Zipline adventure park.  

A picture of the freely-roaming horses

The chicken farm

We did not go for the zipline adventure because we’ve done that too many times already. Honestly, I think the entire Philippines is covered in zipline adventure parks! However, here are some pictures of the Rancho Zipline Adventure.
Entrance to the Rancho Zipline Adventure

Zipline start-off point
Instead of doing a zipline adventure, we decided to take lot of pictures of the lovely scenery which could be enjoyed in the area for free. The best view from the farm is a panoramic sight of Honda Bay. 

After savoring the lovely view from Mitra’s farm, we then decided to head to Baker’s Hill which is only a 15-minute tricycle drive from Mitra’s farm.

Baker’s Hill, I assume, started as a bakery but has blossomed into a park and restaurant in one.  Their entrance is the bakery itself and you have to exit the rear door to get to the park and restaurant.

Baker's Hill entrance signage

Bakeshop entrance

Among the many finds in Baker’s hill are the ever-famous bakery, Baker's Kitchen restaurant, nature park and bird zoo, and a playground for the young ones. I enjoyed this place more than the previous one we visited because of the numerous eye-catching, unique designs and landscaping.

Aside from their usual designs, they also created more pieces to celebrate certain occasions. When we dropped by, it was the Love month of February so there were a lot of designs celebrating Valentine's day.

Vibrant petals! Simply beautiful.

Most of the park’s designs are a witty combination of horticulture and art which can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. They use plants and other natural materials like rocks to create unique landscapes or basic park necessities such as benches. If you’re into nature-themed parks and good food, then this tambay spot is for you. 



This creation is just brilliant and I want one in my house.

The park also has a bird zoo and lots of peacocks as can be seen in photos below.

Our second to the last stop was the children's playground with a Shrek theme. The characters were mostly life-size and kids could even enter Shrek's house!


After roaming around, we got really hungry and tried out the Baker's Kitchen. Review on their restaurant will be up on my next travelog. 

The entrance to this enchanting place is also free, just like in Mitra's farm, but you would definitely spend some money eating in their restaurant and buying some yummy pastries to take home from their bakery. My personal favourite is the Pineapple hopia. All pineapple lovers should try it! Love love love it to bits!

I hope you visit Mitra’s farm and Baker’s Hill on your next trip to Puerto Princesa! 

Surely, it’s more fun in the Philippines, specifically Palawan!

Love always,


  1. Hi jacq! sayang! pumunta pala kayo ng Palawan! I shouldve hooked you up with my trusty tricycle driver pag nandyan ako. Naging area ko kasi yan before ako umalis ng Novartis, nasa Puerto P ako twice a month hehehe

    1. Aww... sayang! Next time na lang. tapos magkakasama na tayo. haha! :) Miss u nicka! :)


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