Visiting Puerto Princesa? Then try Baker's Kitchen!

The Baker's Kitchen is the eat spot of Baker's Hill. Aside from the pastries in their bakery, they also built this restaurant to offer their savory meals.

The Baker's Kitchen Menu

The air in the park was hot and humid on the day of our visit so it was a relief to find that their resto has a high ceiling and good air circulation. We hoped there would be air conditioning but there was none. There were also two areas where customers can eat, the outdoor garden area or inside the restaurant. I suggest eating in the inner area during lunch because of the intense heat of the sun. I think the garden area is best for early morning breakys, late afternoon coffee, or romantic dinners.

High ceilings are a must for open-air restos.
Garden dining place
For lunch, we decided to order two of their bestsellers, the Steamed Lapu-Lapu and the Cerealed Prawns. They asked us to wait for 15 minutes 'til the food gets cooked so we decided to take pictures na lang. We hoped they would speed up their cooking because we were famished that time.
Their black and white placemat. Love the design!
Me and my husband waiting for the food. Tengo Hambre!
So hungry but hubby asked me to pose first. gah!
The steamed Lapu-Lapu was fresh, bigger than expected, succulent, and tastes just right (not too salty or sweet). It has ginger which gives it a fresh savory scent. I am not really a fan of ginger but I ate a lot of this fish because it was so good! It tastes fresh and is soft on the palate. Definitely a must try!

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

We also ordered the Cerealed prawns. My first try of cerealed prawns was in Singapore last year and I loved it. The only problem I had with it was all the chili put in the dish. The Cerealed Prawns of Baker's Kitchen is just awesome for the Filipino palate. It combined sweet, salty, and crunchy adequately without overpowering the taste of the prawns. I love it and I miss it! Another must try! Can anyone tell me where I could find yummy cerealed prawns in Quezon City please (drool)!?!

Cerealed prawns! My favorite!

I highly recommend this place to anyone going to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Visit Baker's Kitchen and try out everything you can! Yummy food in an awesome and relaxing place. I gotta go because all this food blogging is making me hungry.

Btw, I forgot to mention that this place is quite affordable. Approximately P400.00 for all that! Talk about Bang for your Buck! I rate it 4.5 cerealed prawns out of 5!

Lots of Love,


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