Fancy a Sleek, Summer Hairdo? Then head to Bang's Tony and Jackey!

Last weekend, I decided to visit the Fisher Mall at Quezon avenue. This mall is relatively near to where I live so I decided to visit the newly opened mall and check out what they have in store for shoppers. 

I chanced upon Bang's Tony and Jackey salon and decided to give it a try. I haven't gone to this salon although they had a decent reputation of  creating awesome looks for my friends (shoutout to Nikka Lei!). I would later prove to myself that this is indeed one of South Korea's finest exports.

For my first visit, I decided to get a haircut and hair color. For the latter, the tint they used is Color Coco which is something I also haven't tried before. As you can see, everything is pretty new to me. However, I chose a more familiar cut - the layered haircut which is what I have been sporting for quite some time now.

My stylist was a beautiful Korean lass named Paulina.  I learned that most, if not all, the stylists in the Tony and Jackey's chain of salon have at least 7 years of experience in their craft in Korea. So I was quite confident that my precious locks were in good hands!

Paulina gave me vital feedback before working on my hair. First, she observed my hair strands for signs of dryness, damage, and other problems. She then told me that my hair was quite dry because of previous rebond and cellophane treatments. I was quite happy that she gave me constructive feedback because this validated my speculations that my hair really was dry. 

I have been noticing my hair being coarse for quite some time now that's why I resorted to frequent hair conditioning which did not really solve the dryness. I had to condition almost daily but my hair would still be dry. 

She then suggested I get a Hair manicure treatment. I was curious about what hair manicure was so I tried it out; it was my the first time! I tried it out in hope that it would cure the brittleness and dryness of my hair.

According to Lovi, one of the members of the hair team, the hair manicure would provide a sort of protective coating on each hair strand so it would not be damaged further by sunlight and pollution. 

Say buh-bye! Taking one last picture of my old hairstyle.

It was my first time to don a face shield before getting my hair colored... so pardon the excitement.

The team examining my hair before doing treatments.
With a variety of rad hair colors to choose from courtesy of Color Coco

Waiting for the color to set in. I used the color 2NB in the Natural brown section.

Right after hair coloring

After applying hair manicure, this big steam machine was placed over my head for 15 minutes

Final blowdry.

After they worked on my hair, I noticed that my hair strands were smoother and a tad bouncier. I love it! The color in my hair also became uniformed from root to tip. Amazing! So if you are someone who is reluctant to try hair coloring for the first time, head to Tony and Jackey's and they will do it for you with utmost expertise!

With my stylist, the gorgeous Paulina.

With the hair care team: Paulina, Lovi, and Gretchen.

Total cost: Php 3,000.00 which includes Hair coloring, Hair cut, Hair manicure, Eyebrow coloring, Shampoo and Hair styling

Freebies: Unlimited WiFi, Free-flowing coffee/tea, Coupons, Awesome service!

Free Keratin Treatment coupons to be given to friends (Cheers to Nikki, Ryce, and Ate Jess!)
Overall, I was satisfied with my trip and the bubbly hair team also added to the fun! I give them 4 adorable Korean selfie poses out of a possible 5.

Thanks Bang's Tony and Jackey Salon for an awesome first date. Til the next one! 




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