Mandurah: The Hidden Gem of South Perth

Ahhh, Mandurah.

The laidback feel exudes in this former fishing village south of Perth. Here, where pelicans fly alongside joggers and bikers, is the perfect getaway for anyone longing for unlimited cool breeze and the beach.

Here where you can stroll along the beach with pelicans flying and swimming in their natural habitat.

It was a fine day when we came here. Walking was indeed rewarding with wide open spaces, good paths and waterside boardwalks. 

Check out my photos of the Mandurah foreshore:

The Mandurah Cruises can take you around the canals and along the wide stretch of the Mandurah foreshore.

They offer daily dolphin and scenic cruises pegged at AUD 80 (if with lunch) and AUD 56 if without lunch.

Crystal blue water clean enough where animal life still thrives here.

Guided walking tour provided for free by the Mandurah Visitor Center. The folks here are courteous and kind enough to give us a brief tour of the foreshore. 

Street art paying homage to the fishing heritage of Mandurah.
The fisherman. Similar outdoor art installations are dispersed around here.
A wooden boardwalk under a bridge. This area is currently being renovated to expand the bridge.

The sandbar is the breeding ground of pelican birds.
Nature amidst thriving urbanity.
The Mandurah Community Museum was where the old Mandurah courthouse stood. This is also where the walking tour ends. 

Dolphin Quay

Quay, pronounced as "key", is also known as pier or wharf. The Dolphin Quay is an area here where you can find various shops and restaurants. 

We couldn't miss visiting a fishing town without sampling their local offerings. So we went to a fish and chips resto called "Sharky's". They have huge servings of dishes at fairly reasonable prices, so I was happy.
The Dolphin Quay.

Serves delicious fish and chips with huge servings at reasonable prices.

We sampled the traditional fish and chips. The fish was fresh, tender and tasty.
Enjoy the cool waters of the Indian ocean here. The weather was still chilly when we got here, but I could imagine how jam-packed this beachfront will be in the summer.

Fishing boat cum children's play area.

For sure, I had a fantastic time at Mandurah foreshore!

For sure, a delightful afternoon at Mandurah foreshore made me say "Manduraaaahhhh..." in sheer respite and satisfaction. I'll surely come back here. I rate my experience here 5 pelican close shaves out of a possible 5.



Useful Tidbits:
  • How to get here: Hop on the Transperth train aboard the Mandurah line (orange line) and hop off at Mandurah station. The train ride will be about an hour. At the train station there is a Transperth bus that will take you to the foreshore for free. 
  •  Must bring: 
    • Camera - the views here are awesome 
    • Bottle of drinking water
    • Comfortable walking shoes
  • There are a lot of dining choices here especially at the Dolphin Quay. You are welcome to bring your own packed lunch as they have picnic areas and grillers publicly available.  
  •  For more info, you may visit the Mandurah visitors website here.


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