Perth, W. Australia: 6 Must-visit Spots in Perth City

Perth may be the world's most isolated city, but it doesn't mean visitors will likewise have a lonesome time here. You'll be however pleased by its characteristic laidback and outdoorsy vibe.  I did.

A Kangaroo Paw flower blooms in Kings Park. Native to Perth, this is just one of the beautiful sights you'll encounter in WA's bustling city.
Not only that, Perth is in fact one of the world's healthiest cities in 2013 according to the Economist. This is in part because the locals here have a culture of outdoor sports and activity. This is well-supported with infrastructure of course- efficient public transport system, extensive bike paths, parks and outdoor facilities at just about every corner! They even have a Public Open Space tool that lets you locate the nearest park from anywhere in Perth.  

If you happen to be in Perth City, better not miss these spots that I enjoyed visiting and which the locals are also proud of.

When you are in Perth Central Business District, you may reach these spots by riding the Transperth CAT (Central Area Transit) buses that takes you around the city for free. But if you are in for a stretch, you are very much welcome to walk about.
The Perth CAT bus route map. Note the stars are the relative locations of the attractions. (Taken from

6. Northbridge
Northbridge is the best place to hang out with mates. It is  a vibrant strip of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, and galleries. Basically the life of the party is found here. Be part of the party scene here which, according to a friend from Sydney, is next to the loudest in the country. Make sure to check out the Northbridge website for the latest events. 

Come back at night and watch Northbridge come alive.

Outdoor movie screenings for free. This afternoon's movie was Disney's Up.

Of course, art installations dot the streets of downtown Perth.

5. The Perth Mint
Built in 1896, this is Australia's largest  operating mint (where they produce coins or medals). Inside you can watch how they make coins, and see a large exhibit of golden nuggets native to Australia. Opens daily 9- 5pm except on holidays. Visit their site here.

Fancy a photo op with faux gold nuggets.

This art installation called "The Strike" is an apt tribute to the early gold rushes in Western Australia which largely contributed to the state's booming mining industry.
4. London Court
Basically a piece of London transported in downtown Perth. Interesting to find souvenir shops, British items, cafes, and all things English. 

Shops, cafe and restos line the short alleyway.

3. The Perth Arena
Whether you are driving or sitting pretty in the train, you'll never miss this giant structure as you enter Perth CBD.

With shape like a crumpled paper, its unique modern design is as contemporary as the events held here. Various international acts already graced this arena. If you're lucky, you might just catch One Direction while you're here. 

The Perth Arena at day.

Just so you'd have an idea how dazzling Perth Arena looks at night. (Image taken from LInk:

2. Swan Bell Tower
Like a swan overlooking the picturesque Swan river(the black swan is the symbol of Western Australia), the tower houses the Swan Bells. 

The Swan bells is a set of 18 bells of historic significance, some of these bells dating back to 14th century. These bells are rung at specific times per day and during special commemorations.

It also hosts corporate and wedding functions. To visit the tower, entrance rates are as follows: $14 Adults, $9 Concessions. Take note that the tower opens daily at 10 am to 4 pm except holidays. For more info you may visit their website here.
Shaped like the black swan, the state symbol.

Tower opens at 10 am to 4 pm. Didn't quite catch it when I got there.

1. Kings Park
Offering the best panoramic view of the Perth skyline,
Kings Park epitomizes everything that Western Australian living is about - love for nature and the outdoors. 

You can do a lot here : just lounge on the grass on a picnic, or go for a jog around pedestrian paths, while taking time to observe the unique flora here. 

Keep tabs on special events usually held here, to make your visit extra special.

The Perth city skyline.

Just some of the gardens representing diverse flora all across Australia.

How about you, what do you think are the best places to visit in downtown Perth City? I'd love to hear what you think. 

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(Jacqui's notes: Hi there! Rex is my travel writer and loving husband. Stay tuned for more of his must-visit spots in Western Australia. Love, Jacq)


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