DIY Art Idea: Colorful Paper Cranes

The long weekend has got me a bit contemplative and artsy. Browsing through my hard drive for old photos, I came across a neat DIY project idea - a cascading wall decor of colorful paper cranes. 

My love for all things colorful, includes this wall decor of paper cranes.

It is simple to do! You know how they taught origami to us in elementary art school? But this time, you make use of different colorful papers, even paper from old magazines!

To refresh your origami skills, I found this neat infographic below.

Grabbed from

Tie the strings on a slim bamboo stick then you have a cascading wall decor.

You fashion about fifty paper cranes then string them together. Voila, instant wall decor. This was inspired from the Mount Cloud bookstore in Baguio City.

Have a beautiful crafternoon! :)


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