Comfort Desserts Galore in Grilla - Antipolo

"Living in Antipolo, there are weeknights when our palates yearn for something sweet after dinner. We would then just drive to Grilla to have dessert." Our married friends and seasoned foodies, Nhoei and Arlyn would tell us this. 

Curious, we finally tried this for ourselves during our recent drive to Antipolo. And my, were they oh so right!
Useful Tidbits:
Location: Blk 1 Lot 1 Hollywood Hills, Barangay Mambugan, Antipolo City

Budget: PhP 250-300 per head

Must-try: Espresso Mud Pie, Colossal Chocolate Cookie ala Mode

Ambiance:  quiet, good for group meetings & family lunches

Service: Prompt, polite

Comfort Room: clean, poorly lit inside

Parking: free parking at the road beside the restaurant


Wala nang iba para sa akin. (No other thing for me) Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie Ala Mode.
Flavored vodkas in cute jars.

Grilla Bar and Grill and The Old Spaghetti House in Antipolo.

When you visit here, they serve menus from both Grilla Bar and Grill which serves Filipino cuisine and The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) which serves mostly Italian dishes. So you are offered the best of both culinary worlds!

We went there for lunch on a weekday and we were pleased to find good seats. At high noon, the tables were about half-filled.

The Grilla Menu

We had couch seats with a comfortable view of the highway and just enough decent natural sunlight. Our friend Nhoei said he fancied chilling out here at night, enjoying a beer and a nice view of the Metro Manila skyline. 

Grilla, we found out, is a chain of restaurants with other branches at  Makati and San Juan.

Our Lunch

We tried some of their bestsellers for lunch, and we were eagerly pleased.

Country fried steak.
The country fried steak from the TOSH menu was delectable. I love its steak since it is crispy and tasty. The mashed potato siding melts well in the mouth and lends smooth texture to the crisp meat. Must try from the TOSH menu!

BBQ Liempo.
My all-time favorite, this grilled pork barbecue is delicious as well. The meat is tender and well-done. The salty with a hint of spicy sauce works well with the meat and gives it a unique and smokey flavor.

Pinakbet with bagnet.
My second favorite, their version of pinakbet, tastes like your usual sauteed vegetable, but its combination with the crispy bagnet (deep fried pork belly) gives it its oomph. Their bagnet is very crispy (I just had to reiterate that). And it goes well with the garlic fried rice.

Garlic fried rice.

Our tummies were full, but we made room for dessert. We came there for the sweets anyway. 

TOSH Dessert menu
The cookie ala mode was a very sweet find. Try it! The cookie was baked in a warm skillet and is topped with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream that melts like yummy sauce. It is best to consume it right away! Well, that won't be too difficult to do. 

Wala nang iba para sa akin. Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie Ala Mode.
The espresso mudpie is like a block of frozen coffee ice cream with a layer of chocolate at the top and bottom. It is less sweet and affordable - totally a bang for the buck!

Espresso Mudpie.
It was a pleasant lunch, but we enjoyed the desserts best. Some of the savory dishes we tried capitalized on the crispiness of the meat juxtaposed with the soft elements of the sides. 

The desserts were generally too sweet (a caution to our insulin-challenged friends) so it is best to order one for sharing for 2 or 3 persons. And their prices are downright cheap for the dessert's quality. Affordable!

The ambiance is calm and quiet enough for group meetings and family get-togethers. The bar area outside is also awesome for a night out with friends and offers a great view of the metro skyline.

All things considered, I grade my lunch at Grilla three and a half ginormous cookie hot plates out of a possible five.

You may visit Grilla Filipino Cuisine at the following branches:


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