My Mid-week Stress Buster: Nuat Thai Examiner!

Looking for stress relief in the middle of the work week?

Why not have a massage at your neighborhood Nuat Thai!


Location: Examiner st., cor. Times st., Quezon city

Budget: Php 150 - Php 1,000+ depending on the services 

you avail

Ambiance: Calming music in the background; Guests are 

advised to be silent

Business Hours: 11 am - 1:30 am (the following day)

Parking: Limited free parking slots in front of the building


Upon entering Nuat Thai, you would already be welcomed by some soothing music and the scent of aromatherapy oils that will immediately calm your nerves. 

The place is spanking new and well air-conditioned. The receptionists are also very welcoming - friendly and warm to answer your queries.

The therapists of Nuat Thai Examiner branch.

The theme of this Nuat Thai branch is nautical so they have lots of lifesavers and paddles hung on the wall. The colors are also varied marine hues of blues and khaki.

The waiting area on the left and the foot bath at the far end.

The receiving area.


Here is a list of services with prices they offer at Nuat Thai Examiner branch:

What We Availed

My husband availed the 1-hour Swedish massage (Php 350) while I got the 1-hour Nuat Thai foot massage (Php 250).

Before we went to get our massage, we had our foot scrubbed and cleansed with an almond scrub that also smelled of peaches. 

The foot scrub was ticklish that my husband and I were trying to contain our laughter the whole time.

The foot bath area.

After that, they gave us a set of indoor slippers and clothes that we will be wearing while having the massage.

The therapy rooms of the spa were quite petite. The lights were dimmed, with soothing music playing in the background, and the temperature was just right. 

The lazy boy seats were also very comfy. All-in-all, it was a very relaxing experience.  

Quality of Service

My therapist, Yang, was very polite and often asked me if I'm comfortable with the pressure she was exerting on the massage. I find her very pleasant and I liked her service. 

After the massage, she also offered me a choice of hot tea or water and delivered to me my slippers and clothes for changing.

Their bathroom is also clean and tidy with neat and lovely interiors.

The waiting area where you will be served hot tea/water.

The aromatherapy machine.


The place was quite small so some of the voices of other clients were quite distracting to my search of inner peace. Nonetheless, it was a lovely and relaxing visit, thank God! Just what I needed to save me as I drown in business during mid-work week. 

With the nautical interiors, I couldn't help but imagine a Baywatch lifesaver throwing a salva vida (lifesaver) at me, to which I grasp with dear life just in time. I give Nuat Thai Examiner a rating of 4 and a half flying lifesavers out of a possible 5.



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