Our First Great Cloth Diaper Change Experience!!!

A few weeks ago, I was elated to have joined our very first Great Cloth Diaper Change event! I have been using cloth nappies since my son was born and I am ecstatic to find an event that supports a similar advocacy as mine. The event aims to promote the use of cloth nappies in communities and teaches parents the benefits of cloth diapering for bubs, the environment, and even for parents themselves. 

Why use cloth nappies?

  • More savings

I have used both cloth nappies and disposables and I could honestly say that I am able to save more in the long run with the use of cloth nappies. 

Though in the start, cloth nappies would definitely cost more but if you've already collected the right amount of nappies and liners stash, then that would be enough until your child is old enough to use the potty.

Cloth diapers are also reusable and can be resold, which means that you'll still get money back even after you're done with them!

  • Great for the environment

I have read researches about how disposable nappies contribute significantly to the garbage pile and it takes years for its components to fully disintegrate. Hence, the use of cloth nappies would help the environment in the sense that it won't add to the garbage pile. This, I reckon, ensures a better and cleaner world for our little ones.

  • Awesome Designs
Cloth nappies created by Stitchin' Titch.

What I love most about cloth nappies are the various designs they come in. Spider-Man? Bumblebee? Cow? Fairy? Whatever design you're looking for, you name it, cloth nappies come in it!  

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2016

We attended our first GCDC 2016 in Mandurah, Western Australia. It was held at the Bortolo Pavilion in Greenfields on the 23rd of April 2016.

The event started with registration and distribution of loot bags followed by a Kanga training workout which encourages baby wearing.

The event proper started at exactly 11 am wherein lots of mums from the South of Perth grouped together to change their bubs' cloth nappies.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

After changing our bubs, the coordinators held a raffle as a reward for all attendees and to promote local businesses as well. I even won a Nutrimetics Baby Bath pack in the process! If you're interested to try Nutrimetics products, contact Lesley Dewar, a Nutrimetics consultant who supports GCDC here in the South of Perth! 

The Nutrimetics Baby Care Plus Gift set

A handful of local businesses were at the event and I honestly burned through my savings to grab myself more cloth diapers. 

Veejay's Creations sells cloth nappies and their famous big butt pants!

Diana from the Little Wooden Toybox was also there to promote the use of wooden toys for our child's safety and mental development.

Baby Ryder sells cloth nappies and they also have an adorable Spider-Man design which I bought!

Baby Ryder's clearance bin.
Other stalls that were there were the Nourish Food and Coffee who provided snacks for participants as well as researchers from the University of Western Australia who encouraged breastfeeding mothers to participate in their research. Their research measures the effect of breastfeeding on the overall weight gain of infants. I was elated to learn about their initial findings that I decided to volunteer as a subject! 

Nourish provided us with snacks for the day.

UWA was there to get participants for their breastfeeding research.

Finally, the event ended with a Cloth nappy workshop where mums were taught what cloth nappies are, their benefits, and how to use them.

Loot bag and Haul

One of the things that excited mums who participated is the loot bag. So here are the contents of the loot bag from the event. I am actually thankful for the reusable swim nappies because we don't have that yet.

If you're interested to check out these swim nappies, try browsing the Seedling website which is a proud supporter of the GCDC.

So aside from the lootbag, here is our haul with nappies (cow design) and pants from Veejay creations, more nappies from Baby Ryder, and finally wooden toys from the Wooden Toy Box. 

Our nappies and big butt pants!

Teether, Maracas, and Castanets from the Wooden Toy Box.

If you want to check out more products from the Wooden Toy Box, feel free to check out their website by clicking this link.

I honestly think that the GCDC 2016 was a great success and I am glad we were able to participate. I would like to thank all volunteers, sponsors, and coordinators who made this event possible. Great work!

See you next year!

How about you? Have you used cloth diapers before? What are your opinions about it? Say your piece in the comments section below.




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