When in Perth: Our First Family Trip to the Elizabeth Quay!!!

As Perth is a budding city which boasts of a handful of new developments, I would like to review how Toddler friendly these developments are and the first place on my list is the Elizabeth Quay. 

Perth City Skyline: Night and Day

We love the Elizabeth Quay because it is accessible by public transport and only a few blocks from Perth CBD. As south Perth dwellers, we love utilising the train when traveling to the city and Elizabeth Quay is very accessible from the train, even having the train stop named after it. 

So how friendly is the Elizabeth Quay for toddlers? 

Pram Accessibility

Elizabeth Quay is very much pram accessible and the entire location can easily be toured with a pram in tow.

Parents Room

Correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't accessed any parents rooms in Elizabeth Quay. I've been in PWD toilets to change my Bub but I haven't been in a parents room if there ever is one.


Elizabeth Quay has a playground where toddlers can play supervised. I wouldn't really leave my toddler by himself because of possible hazards to his safety but the playground is well equipped with a jungle gym, sand pits, and swings. 

Also, Elizabeth Quay has a water park. Although it is often under renovation due to reported bacterial infection coming from its fountains, I hope this will get sorted soon because it is a charming asset to the place.

Transperth Ferry

Inside the Transperth Ferry

As Elizabeth Quay is also where the Transperth Ferry docks, consider riding this with your kids while you're there! The experience of riding a ferry while watching other boats sail past, or even just watching the waves, or feeling the cool breeze are bound to bring heaps of fun for the kiddos! The Transperth Ferry is also pram accessible so I suggest you give it a go! 


View from the ferry

Other Activities

If you're looking to do some
Food tripping, numerous food events happen in Elizabeth Quay. However, when it comes to mainstay restos, they are often only open during weekends. I hope they will have more kid friendly restaurant options that are open also on weekdays.

If you're looking for the perfect place to take a family picture with the Perth city skyline in the background, then Elizabeth Quay is a must in your travel itinerary! Check out our family picture with the Perth city skyline!

Toddler Travel Tips:

  • If you want to save up on travel costs, use the family rider ticket on weekends.
  • Bring food and water because eateries are limited in the area.
  • Bring hats, umbrellas, and other protective gear since the Quay is an open area and there isn't much roofing in case it rains.
  • Bring a breastfeeding cover for breastfeeding mums if you want because I didn't see any parents rooms just yet. 

I reckon this is a must place to visit when you're in Perth and it is also a moderately Toddler friendly place!

See you there some time! 



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