Travel the World with your Taste buds at the Perth Hawker's Market!!!

On some weekends, our little family heads out to the city in search for new tastes. Perth, I reckon, boasts of many new and international restaurants catering to its culturally diverse people. And every single adventure to the city allows us to find that new flavour we're looking for. This time, we found it at the Hawker's Market.

The event is held at the Forrest Chase every Friday night.

The Hawker's Market happens every Friday night in the Forrest Chaste quad in front of Myers in the Perth CBD. Each night may also differ in theme. On our first trip to there, it was mostly about savoury food but on our next trip, we had a taste of new desserts because of Eat Drink Perth. 

What my husband and I love about the Hawker's Market is being able to eat authentic dishes from different countries in one place. It's almost like traveling but through food. 

On our first visit to the Hawker's Market, we tried German Franks with Taters, French Crepe, and Colombian Iced tea. I found the German franks absolutely yummy and I would definitely recommend it! To end the meal, my hubby dropped by Bocelli to get himself a steaming cup of coffee.

Me and my German Franks and Chips.

La Crepe where we bought our Banana Nutella crepe.

Banana and Nutella crepe.

Taking a sip of this cool Colombian Iced tea.

On our second visit, Eat Drink Perth collaborated with the Hawker's Market and focused more on selling desserts. It was every sweet tooth's fantasy. We got Spanish Paella, Spanish meatballs, Brazilian Churros, Ice pops from Delish, and Polish donuts. One thing that stood out for me about all the food we had was the Churros. Its caramel filling tasted so much like Yema, a local Filipino milky dessert that I love so much. Ah! It takes me back home.

Seafood Paella any one?

Spanish Meatballs with Polenta and Salsa Verde.

I found the meatball!!!

This Delish Ice pop van was a popular one!

Watermelon Lemonade ice pop for the win!

My fave double churros with caramel and chocolate.

Buying some Polish donuts from this food truck,

Aside from all the delicacies present in the Hawker's Market, there are also local acts performing onstage to serenade customers and to promote and support local artists.

So if you're looking for food (and lots of it!) and entertainment, try visiting the Hawker's Market every Friday night!

See you there!



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